Hamish Day and Oscar Day arrested after alleged wild brawl with gun-wielding Thai policeman when they were stopped for breaking traffic rules

Confronting images have emerged of two New Zealand brothers accused of wrestling an armed police officer to the ground while on holiday in Thailand.

Hamish, 36, and Oscar Day, 38, were on a weeklong motorcycle ride through Phuket’s Chalong town on Saturday when police tried to stop the pair for alleged traffic offences.

The traffic policeman alleged that the tourists were speeding and not staying in the left lane.

The pair were then reportedly involved in a high-speed police chase, which ended when the men finally stopped before being filmed allegedly arguing with Chalong Police Senior Sergeant Maj Somsak Noo-iad.

New Zealand tourists Oscar and Hamish Day have been arrested by Thai police over the alleged attack on a traffic policeman (pictured)

The officer’s gun reportedly fired during the incident, but the bullet did not hit anyone Bangkok Post reported.

In the background a woman can be heard shouting at the men: ‘You stop, you stop. He has a gun. You stop.’

A man with a Kiwi accent replied: “The police officer tried to attack us.

Senior Sergeant Noo-iad suffered arm injuries in the alleged attack and was later hospitalized.

Local officers moved in and arrested the two tourists, who were charged with a range of crimes including theft, obstruction of police service, physical assault on a police officer, driving without a license and bribery.

The pair have since engaged a lawyer and have spent the past two nights in custody.

They will appear in Phuket Provincial Court on Monday, where police are expected to oppose bail.

The men are the sons of well-known millionaires and real estate owners Laurence and Katrina Day.

“It’s very, very concerning,” Mr. Day told the newspaper New Zealand herald.

‘The family is desperate. We pray for a good outcome.

The Day brothers are accused of being involved in a wild brawl with the Thai police officer

The Day brothers are accused of being involved in a wild brawl with the Thai police officer

‘They were just on holiday. It is very difficult. They are fine at the moment. It’s a very difficult time.’

He added that his sons had enjoyed their trip to Thailand until their arrest and still had 10 days left to go on holiday.

Tourists found guilty of violating Thailand’s strict laws could be fined or jailed if convicted, and risk deportation and a ban from re-entering the country.