Netflix to show NFL Christmas Day games as streaming giant takes HUGE step into live sports… but many fans are NOT happy

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The NFL has scheduled two games as part of its Christmas schedule, which will air exclusively on Netflix in December.

The games on Netflix are part of a three-year deal with the streaming service to air at least one game annually on Christmas Day through 2026.

With the games moving from national television to a streaming service, many fans are upset that the games will appear on another streaming service that they have to pay for.

The NFL airs Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime and gave Peacock exclusive rights to the Chiefs-Dolphins Wild Card playoff game last season.

Now a third streaming service is needed so NFL fans can catch all the action from the league. And that in addition to a cable service or an online television provider such as YouTube TV.

Last year, the Chiefs-Raiders Christmas Day game on CBS drew huge ratings

Last year's NFL Christmas Day schedule also included 49ers-Ravens and Eagles-Giants

Last year’s NFL Christmas Day schedule also included 49ers-Ravens and Eagles-Giants

Next year, the WWE will move its weekly flagship show from cable TV to Netflix for the first time in its 30-year history.

The Jake Paul fight against Mike Tyson will also air exclusively on Netflix this summer.