NBA Jerseys: How to Check for Authenticity

Finding the perfect NBA jersey to rep your favourite team and player is awesome. But with so many options out there, how can you be sure you’re getting the real deal? Fakes are everywhere, and they can be pretty convincing. Don’t worry, because this guide will show you how to spot a genuine jersey and avoid wasting your cash.

1. Look Closely at the Details

Authentic jerseys are all about quality. Take a moment to examine the stitching, logos and lettering. Real jerseys like the ones from Mitchell & Ness Australia will have clean, even stitching that’s free of loose threads or fraying. Logos and lettering should be crisp and detailed, often stitched directly onto the jersey rather than ironed on.

2. Check the Material

Real jerseys use high-quality, breathable mesh fabric. Run your hands across the jersey. It should feel smooth and comfortable, not stiff or scratchy. Fake jerseys often use cheap materials that feel flimsy and uncomfortable.

3. Examine the Tags and Labels

Official NBA jerseys will have a jock tag sewn onto the bottom left inner hem. This tag should include details like the jersey size, year, NBA hologram and sometimes a QR code. Look for typos or inconsistencies in the information. Fakes often have poorly made tags and may have missing details.

4. Match the Design to Official Photos

Take some time to compare your jersey to official photos online. Pay attention to things like logo placement, colour shades and any unique design elements. Fake jerseys often have minor details wrong, like a slightly off-centre logo or a different shade of colour.

5. Be Wary of the Price

You’ve probably heard it before—if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Authentic jerseys are made with quality materials and official licensing, so they won’t be dirt cheap. Super low prices are a strong sign of a fake. It’s best to go with trusted manufacturers like Mitchell & Ness Australia, which offer superior-quality jerseys at reasonable prices.

6. Buy from Trusted Sources

Where you buy your jersey absolutely matters. Stick to reputable retailers like the official NBA store, team stores or well-established sports stores. Avoid random sellers online or at flea markets. These places are full of fakes. Stick to reliable online stores like Stateside Sports.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

If you’re unsure about a jersey’s authenticity, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Contact the seller directly or take the jersey to a sports memorabilia expert for verification. A little extra caution can save you a lot of money and disappointment. You don’t need to do this, though, if you order from Stateside Sports.

A Jersey Worth Cheering About

Taking the time to check for authenticity ensures you get a jersey that looks great, feels great and represents your team with pride. A genuine jersey is an investment that will last for years, letting you celebrate your favourite players and the NBA for seasons to come. Get out there, find that perfect jersey and cheer on your team with confidence!