Myki outage in Melbourne causes commuter chaos on trams, busses and trains


Passenger chaos in Melbourne as Myki network suffers citywide outage forcing transport operators to wave to passengers

  • Melbourne’s Myki network experienced a technical failure
  • As a result, commuters have been able to ride trains for free.

Melbourne commuters have been able to ride the trams and trains for free after the Myki network experienced a citywide outage.

The state’s public transportation fare collection system suffered a major technical failure on Thursday afternoon.

Faulty myki card readers in Melbourne displayed a message saying: ‘Out of service. Use another myki reader.’

Transportation operators have greeted commuters and advised them not to tap.

Melbourne’s public transport fare system has suffered a citywide outage, with Myki card readers out of service.

The outage is understood to have affected trains and trams in Melbourne, and public transport users can travel for free.

More to come.