My nightmare neighbour wants us to stop walking around the house and claims the sound of our footsteps is ruining her life

A nightmare neighbor has accused a busy mother-of-three of being too loud in her own home. She claims her heavy footsteps are ruining the peace.

According to the stressed mother, the neighbor, whose house is five meters away from her home, has been complaining about her family since they started renovating.

And while she might sympathize, she doesn’t understand why the woman is still leaving now that the job is done.

Taking to Facebook for advice, the mother explained that she had done everything she could to soundproof her home, including adding extra insulation and installing double glazing in the windows.

A neighbor has scolded a mum for her ‘noisy’ household and complained she heard too many footsteps all day

But the neighbor keeps complaining about ‘footsteps’ and seems hyper fixated on the idea of ​​complete silence.

“We reassured her once everything was done that it would be less noisy, but even now we have apparently ‘negatively affected her home and the noise is ruining their quality of life,'” she said.

She went on to say that the nagging neighbor has teenage children who stay in their rooms all day.

But when they were young, their parents didn’t stop them from making noise.

“We heard them running around the house all the time,” she said.

Dozens of people responded to the post, telling the mother not to worry about her children’s noise.

‘If a house is 4 to 5 meters away, she should ask someone to check whether the windows and doors are properly insulated. This is not your problem, it’s theirs,” one woman said.

Another agreed.

‘Can’t please everyone – they are 4-5 meters away from your property, sorry but they have to deal with it.’

“Seriously, she seems super critical and you will never please her. Style your home the way you want to style your home. She will have to learn to live with the fact that she has neighbors with children, otherwise she can move to the countryside for a piece of land,” said another woman.

Others told her to make more noise.

“Put on some loud music and they can’t hear the footsteps anymore,” one woman said.

“It sounds like it’s time for one of the kids to play drums,” said one woman, while others suggested the recorder, saxophone or violin might also do the trick.

“Go mow the lawn every day and it will be forgotten,” said another.

Some people sympathized with the nightmare neighbor and told the mother to put down rugs to reduce the noise her and her children’s feet make on the floor.

“My boys run down the hall and we put down rugs. Made a huge difference. Luckily we are in a double brick house,” one mother wrote.