My Nightingale companion is an unstoppable tree cutter and animal killer

Nightingale is a beautiful survival crafter game set in a post-apocalyptic world spread across mysterious realms. I enjoyed the chance to explore this area and enjoy the good atmosphere, but I have to admit that I can’t do it alone. I don’t play with friends, but I was lucky enough to find a character named Percy, and he smashes his way through every challenge I can throw at him.

I start Nightingale by creating my character and going through a tutorial where I learn how to cook food, build shelter, and skin creatures. After learning about empires and how to jump between them, I finally find myself in a peaceful forest, where I begin building my estate. After a short walk from my starting estate I find a small camp of Victorian refugees. They have also fled the Pale, the apocalyptic event that divided the world into these realms, and they need help.

I build some sleeping bags and a fire for their campsite, and that’s enough to recruit my first companion. His name is Percy, he wears a neat suit and cap, and he is a lumberjack by trade. Percy is just a man, and he doesn’t seem to be a particularly impressive or remarkable man. But the more the better, so I decide to let him follow me anyway.

At first I’m not impressed with Percy at all. His blank face doesn’t give me much to connect with, and his behavior isn’t much better. Percy helps by cutting down trees, just like Kelvin does Sons of the forest. Then I realize that Percy and Kelvin have something else in common, which is that they’re both fucking menaces who cut down trees even when I’m near the falling trunks.

Image: Inflexion Games

At least I can argue with Kelvin; I haven’t figured out how to do that with Percy yet. The man loves to chop down trees, and he doesn’t seem to care whether or not I need wood, or whether I’m in the way of the falling trunk. When the urge hits him, he will chop. Every time I stop to look at my map or formulate a game plan, I hear the thump thump thump that he tackles a tree. It’s very unnecessary, but it seems to make him happy.

Despite my initial doubts, I soon realize that Percy has a hidden talent that is very impressive: he has no fear and cannot die. Percy definitely goes into beast mode during my run, saving me from death every hour.

As I explore the realms of NightingaleI encounter leaping man-sized crickets, enormous goblin-like beasts, 30 to 50 wild boars, clockwork guardians of lost elven secrets, and hordes of withered beasts known as the Bound. It doesn’t matter who I deal with; Percy walks up, waving his simple axe. I have given up any tactics or strategy; if I’m even close to being overwhelmed, I just run away. Percy will stay and fight for me, just like my champion.

I’ve come to admire Percy; he is unfazed by the strange and magical sights in the realms. I only have one bed, so he probably sleeps on the floor. He lives a simple and modest life, but I cannot survive my adventures without him.