My girlfriend’s angry because I asked her to stop dressing in ‘sexy’ tight clothes for work – I just don’t want her to leave me for a colleague

A man has been branded 'insecure' and 'controlling' after demanding his girlfriend not dress sexy for work.

The 35-year-old was shocked when he visited his partner at work and discovered she had swapped her usual comfy jumpers, reading glasses and ponytail for a more professional look with skirts, tight blouses and loose hair.

“My girlfriend is a computer scientist and teaches at a university,” he revealed in a post on Reddit.

“When I see her at home, she likes to wear cozy clothes. Sometimes I visit her on campus while she's at work and she does a total 180 from her usual “cozy” aesthetic: she wears pencil skirts and her blouses are a little too tight on her breasts.

'So while she's really cute when she's at home, she's downright sexy at work. I feel like it's inappropriate for my girlfriend to pay so much attention to her appearance when she's around hot young men.”

A man was shocked when he visited his partner at work and discovered that she had swapped her usual cozy clothes for a professional look with skirts, tight blouses and open hair

The man went on to explain that he felt insecure about his partner's beauty and worried about unwanted attention from other men.

“Sometimes I get an eerie feeling, like what if she leaves me for her colleague, or even for a grad student?” he asked.

'Call me ridiculous, but I do get these intrusive thoughts and I'm not sure how much of them are based in reality.

“My girlfriend thinks I'm accusing her of being a 'creeper,' and I get so offended by that accusation from the love of my life that I kind of yell at her.”

The man said his relationship had been 'strained' in recent weeks due to the ongoing argument.

'She thinks I don't want her to enjoy her university job anymore, just because I think she should dress 'less sexy' at work.'

Thousands criticized the man for his 'unreasonable' behavior.

“She dresses professionally and is under no obligation to make herself unattractive to meet your unreasonable demands. Ask yourself why this bothers you and do some serious research on the subject,” one person said.

“Yelling at her because she finds your immature behavior offensive is awful. You clearly still have some growing up to do. If I were her, I would leave you. You need to change your behavior if you don't want to be single,” wrote another.

“She wears professional clothes. As a professor you will not be taken seriously if you appear in cozy, cute clothes and do not pay attention to your appearance,' said a third.

But others saw some merit in his side of the story.

“Your feelings are legitimate and you can ask your girlfriend whatever you want. Obviously she doesn't have to listen, but your feelings are valid,” one man said.