My all-time favorite MacBook is on sale at Walmart – and I think I’d buy four of them if I could

Walmart, you have no idea what you’ve unleashed. A $699 MacBook Air with the M1 chip is the Big Mac to the Hamburglar, cookies to Cookie Monster, Bonnie to Clyde. It’s the antidote to MacBook Air lust without the big investments and a game-over challenge for every affordable Wintel system Walmart has on the shelves

The Apple MacBook Air with M1 was one astonishing breakthrough. This is how I described the first application of Apple Silicon on a Mac in 2020.

There was nothing exceptional about the design – it was the same as the last MacBook Air with an Intel CPU – but that ARM-based ‘brain transplant’ delivered a product with a new, winning, super-smart and ultra-efficient personality and I was smitten. No wonder I was sad when Apple discontinued the M1 MacBook Air in favor of the latest MacBook Air 13-inch with M3, aka the best laptop you can buy. There’s still a cheaper $999 MacBook Air M2, but it has the flat design that replaced the classic MacBook Air wedge.

Walmart MacBook Air deal

(Image credit: Future)

I’ve come to appreciate that flat and arguably less stylish look, but I’ll always miss the iconic and rounder design of the original MacBook Air. There has never been a thinner laptop – at least when viewed from the front (0.16 inches) – or one that felt better in the hand. I even miss the visible speaker grilles on either side of the Magic Keyboard. Granted, the ultraportable only had two USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports (one per side!), no dedicated MagSafe charging port (that was a major upgrade over the M2’s redesign), and the screen is slightly smaller and not the excellent Liquid Retina Display upgrade we got with the MacBook Air M2. But show me a classic MacBook Air and I’ll smile wistfully.