Muslim preacher Mohamed Shaar goes on a vile, homophobic rant about the Matildas – labelling them as ‘filthy’

Muslim preacher Mohamed Shaar goes off on vicious, homophobic diatribe about the Matildas, labeling them ‘nasty’

Two influential Muslim pastors have shared vile rants about the Matildas football team, with hateful messages directed at players in same-sex relationships.

Mohamed Shaar, who works as a naturopath and authorized wedding celebrant at the Sydney Ruqyah Center in the west of the city, recently caused a stir over his homophobic views at the World Pride Festival.

The preacher, who has more than 4,000 followers on Facebook, sparked controversy again on Saturday when he labeled gay players as “nasty.”

His view was echoed by Muslim teacher and fellow wedding celebrant Takeadean Mohtadi, who shared a TikTok claiming it was “haram” (forbidden) to watch the Matildas.

“I address our Muslim brothers. Have we forgotten that it is haram for us to look at the opposite sex?’ Mr Mohtadi said in the video which has been viewed more than 46,000 times.

Mohamed Shaar shared a hateful message to Matildas players who are members of the LGBTQIA+ community

‘Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala has ordered us to lower our gazes to the opposite sex. Did you forget this? Have we forgotten who we support?’

He then said that the “majority” of Australia’s women’s soccer team were members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

“And they’re pushing this agenda through the athletes,” he continued.

“If your kids watch you support them, share (photos of) them, they’re okay with that.

“But wait a minute, aren’t you worried about this? But your actions show something different.’

Shaar, meanwhile, shared a series of photos of Matildas superstar Sam Kerr with her friend and fellow soccer player Kristie Mewis.

Muslim teacher Takeadean Mohtadi said it was 'haram' (forbidden) to watch the Matildas

Muslim teacher Takeadean Mohtadi said it was ‘haram’ (forbidden) to watch the Matildas

“Please, in the name of Allah, teach your girls what is halal and what is forbidden in Islam,” he said.

“If you teach your children to dance expect them to dance and if you teach them music expect them to sing and if you teach them to be like boys expect them to be like them.

“So Matilda or ballooot are playing football and everyone is cheering them on and you have these filthy people posting and doing this nonsense then you are supporting them.

“Fear Allah, this world is corrupt and needs to wake up, learn how to be a Muslim to be girls and boys to be boys, wallah it’s getting sick by the minute.”

Earlier this year, Mr Shaar had demanded that Uber drivers in Sydney refuse to work during the pride festival over the company’s support of the LGBTQI celebration.

Sam Kerr and her friend Kristie Mewis can be seen during the Women's World Cup

Sam Kerr and her friend Kristie Mewis can be seen during the Women’s World Cup

In response to an Uber post advertising their ‘pride ride’ during the gay pride festival, Mr Shaar posted: ‘Dear Uber drivers, especially the Muslims fear Allah and do not work with Uber’.

He also shared a screenshot of an alleged children’s drag queen event on the Facebook page of the Canterbury and Bankstown Libraries, alongside a video criticizing a poster of a “hairy” man in leather bondage wearing a teddy bear head .

Mr. Shaar’s accompanying caption reads, “Shame on this human race, shame on this government for showing these filthy people.”

He also shared a BBC news video reporting on a law passed by Vladimir Putin’s brutal regime that bans any mention of LGBT culture or people.

“Good for Russia,” Mr. Shaar wrote on his personal Facebook page.

The Matildas were named the happiest team at the Women’s World Cup this week by Pink Magazine, along with Brazil.

The UK news claimed the Matildas had nine first-team players and three reserves who were in a same-sex relationship, tying the squad with the Brazil team for the most openly lesbian players in the 2023 World Cup.