Motoring expert warns drivers against dangerous TikTok hack to fix your AC 

Car expert warns drivers about dangerous TikTok hack to fix your air conditioner

  • A viral TikTok hack can cost you thousands of dollars in damage
  • The cost-cutting hack advises fixing your own AC instead of going to the garage
  • One motorcycle expert has said the method can give you painful freeze burns

A car expert has warned drivers about a viral TikTok hack that could cause “significant damage” to both the car and its owner.

With the higher temperatures this weekend and many struggling with the cost of living, social media posts recommending how to fix a car’s broken air conditioning system have become very popular.

However, Graham Conway, managing director of Select Car Leasing, said repairing your air conditioner could be disastrous and could lead to poisoning and painful frostbite.

A TikTok hack that shows users how to fix their own air conditioning system could cost motorists thousands of dollars and leave painful freezer burns

It comes after a TikToker posted a video, now more than 250,000 views, showing users how to fix a vehicle’s air conditioning using a charge.

The creator @fixd described the kits as “easy to use” and said they only cost between $20 and $50, but this cost-cutting method could end badly.

Graham told the sun: ‘Absolutely DON’T try. Without talking to an expert first, you have no idea what the problem is with your air conditioner.’

And many users also disagree with the method.

One commented, “This is only good for a temporary fix. Go to a technician to have your air conditioner properly charged with the right cooling machine.’

Another said, “But refrigerant is measured by weight…not psi, this can damage your system if misused.”

One person warned, “You forget to tell people to adjust to the outside temperature.”

Graham continued, “When you use a DIY canister to add more refrigerant, as shown in the TikTok video, you’re not sure how much is left in the system. This can lead to system overload, resulting in significant damage.’

Instead, he recommended finding a trusted garage and enlisting their help first, adding that while it may cost you initially, it could end up saving you money in the long run.

He said: ‘Not only that, but specialists have a better idea of ​​how to check for leaks and other problems associated with air conditioning systems and there are also safety factors to consider.

“The refrigerant used in AC units (Freon) can be very dangerous in a confined space and can lead to poisoning, painful frostbite if it comes into contact with your skin, or much more serious injury.

“We would not advise doing the work yourself and instead leaving it to the experts who have the experience and knowledge to handle this type of work.”

To avoid costly repairs or injury, experts recommend finding a reputable motorist to replace your air conditioner

To avoid costly repairs or injury, experts recommend finding a reputable motorist to replace your air conditioner

Despite warnings from experts, several other videos have been posted to the app by users taking it upon themselves to charge the car’s air conditioning.

User @thelubeman showed his 440,000+ followers the same method, and rational users of the app were quick to comment against the method.

One of them said, ‘Just prolonging the problem. The air conditioning is a closed system, so if it gets hot, it means there’s a leak or problem somewhere.’

Another agreed: “Don’t do this, it will ruin your air conditioning system!”