Montecito bookstore reveals it has only sold 30 copies of Prince Harry’s autobiography Spare


Prince Harry’s local bookstore has revealed that it has only sold around 30 copies of the royal’s controversial autobiography, Spare.

The explosive tome, which landed Harry, 38, a £16 million ($20 million) advance, has been selling well, becoming the best-selling nonfiction book since records began, according to your publisher.

But the book has reportedly not done as well in Montecito, Harry and Meghan’s 41-year-old California enclave of luxury.

The owner of local bookstore The Tecolote Book Shop, Mary Sheldon, said the Guardian which has only sold about 30 copies of Spare since its release.

While Prince Harry (pictured in London in 2020) has sold many copies of his controversial biography Spare, a local bookseller says they’ve only sold about 30 books.

Describing Spare as saying ‘it’s a book’, Mary added that locals have reserved a few extra copies, planning to pick up their copy in person.

She said of Prince Harry: “He took the time to collect his thoughts and he wanted to put it out there, so I’m here to sell it.”

The autobiography has sold 750,000 copies in all formats (print, audio and eBook) in the UK since its publication on January 10.

This makes it the best-selling memoir in its first week of publication, according to publisher Transworld, the British division of Penguin Random House.

Prince Harry’s scathing memoir, Spare (pictured), has become the best-selling nonfiction book since records began.

Official figures from Nielsen BookData showed that the book, which was written by notorious ghostwriter JR Moehringer, sold 467,183 copies in print in its first week alone.

Data released by Nielsen shows that the book has broken the previous record of 210,506 set by the first Pinch Of Nom cookbook, written by Kay Allinson, in 2019.

Despite the fact that the memoirs were leaked in Spain before the official publication date, Nielsen data suggests that sales were not negatively affected.

Prince Harry made several claims about the royal family and revealed painful personal anecdotes in his explosive memoir Spare, which was released on January 10.

Despite its massive global sales, the book hasn’t been selling well locally, according to the owner of the Tecolote Book Shop (pictured) in Montecito.

The book covers all aspects of his life, charting the disconnect with his older brother, whom he calls ‘Willy’, which began from the moment he was born, when Charles supposedly declared that he had done his duty.

He accuses William, 40, of being caught up in his position as future heir to the throne, says he ignored him when they were students at Eton College and repeatedly put him in his place.

In one paragraph, Harry, affectionately referred to as “Harold” by his family, describes himself as being born to be his older brother’s “spare kidney”.

Harry also accuses his older brother of being the aggressor during the ‘Megxit’, claiming that their relationship had become so strained and damaged that William only scowled at him.

In the book, Harry (pictured right) details the fallout with his brother William (pictured right), as well as describing breakups with other family members.

He describes several particularly awkward meetings between himself, Meghan, William and Kate, saying that his brother and sister-in-law seemed uncomfortable being embraced by their bride-to-be.

It also appears to accuse the Princess of Wales of overreacting by demanding an apology from Meghan after she fell out with Kate over wedding plans.

Apparently, Kate was offended that Meghan blamed forgetfulness on “baby brain” after the birth of Prince Louis.

Harry also reveals that the two couples even argued over seating plans and whether William and Kate should be together.

He says that when William stood up to Meghan and defended his wife, Meghan told the prince, ‘Get your finger out of my face.’ Although Charles is spared more pain than many expected, Harry paints him as an ineffective father who couldn’t even hug him when he told him about his mother’s death in a car accident.

She says that when she confided in Charles that she had suffered from panic attacks as an adult, the prince looked sadly at his plate and said that it had failed him.

However, in what are sure to be harrowing passages for the King, Harry describes how when he returned to the UK to attend Prince Philip’s funeral in 2021, a clearly distraught Charles cried to his warring sons that they would not make their “last years a pittance”. .

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