Minor-league baseball manager jumps into CROWD after being ejected

To the hot dog stand? Bizarre moment minor league baseball manager jumps into the CROWD after being ejected for furious confrontation with umpire

  • Brayan Peña couldn’t help but take a shortcut to the exit after being thrown
  • The manager is a former MLB catcher who played for five different teams
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Like many baseball executives before him, the West Michigan Whitecaps’ Brayan Peña was ejected Friday night for yelling at the umpire.

But Peña ventured into new territory — both figuratively and literally — at LMCU Ballpark when he jumped an outfield barrier and ran up the steps past fans.

The manager of the Detroit Tigers’ High-A affiliate was initially outraged by a questionable strike call and got in the umpire’s face and yelled at him for the perceived foul.

He was eventually separated from the umpire by West Michigan bench coach Tim Garland, but returned to home plate once more to give the umpire an earful.

From there it was time for Peña to finally leave.

Brayan Peña made an unexpected trip through the stands after being sent off on Friday

He even passed a food stall on his way out, as his team ended up losing the game

He even passed a food stall on his way out, as his team ended up losing the game

But instead of simply walking through the dugout, LMCU Ballpark requires players or coaches to leave the field all the way in the corner of right field.

Peña grew impatient as he approached that spot and chose to take a shortcut through the crowd as he passed stunned fans and a food stand in the concourse.

The manager of the Whitecaps’ opposing team on the night, the Lake County Captains, was also ejected, but Peña’s unexpected foray into the stands made the night’s headlines.

The 41-year-old enjoyed a 12-year MLB career as a catcher, playing one season for the Tigers in 2013.

Peña’s Whitecaps would eventually lose the match 9-8 in 10 innings.