Melbourne plumber Hazz exacts revenge after customer refused to pay for his work on hot water system

Melbourne plumber Hazz is seeking revenge after a customer refused to pay for his work on the hot water system

  • Plumber destroys work after customer refuses to pay
  • The plumber worked without charging labor

A plumber has retaliated against a customer who refused to pay after repairing his hot water system and even offered a discount.

The plumber, whose name is Hazz, was put to work by a neighbor who said a friend of the family had no running hot water in his home and needed to fix the problem at his Melbourne home as soon as possible.

Hazz said he agreed to waive his labor costs after hearing the “biggest sob story ever” from the homeowner.

The kind-hearted plumber only asked the homeowner to cover the price of the parts used to repair the hot water system.

When it came time to pay, the customer evaded Hazz’s requests, and weeks later the plumber had yet to receive a penny, prompting the tradie to take action.

In a video posted to TikTok, a person is filmed crawling under a house and sawing open the copper pipes that supply the house with hot water.

A Melbourne plumber using Hazz (pictured) has retaliated against an unruly customer who refused to pay him for parts by destroying the hot water system he installed

In a follow-up video, Hazz explains why such drastic measures had to be taken – and how much more was going on.

“I have a really good heart, I want to help people and he took my kindness for granted,” Hazz said.

He revealed that the client had received a $3,000 quote for the job from another plumber before Hazz came to do the job for a lower price.

The plumber only asked the homeowner to cover the cost of the parts and insurance.

The rift between Hazz and the customer was exacerbated two weeks after the job was done when the customer asked him to reconnect his stove as well.

“That’s when I realized how he was talking to me… and he literally didn’t even appreciate (sic) anymore,” Hazz said.

Hazz then claims that the customer asked for a quote to present to his insurance company claiming they would cover the cost.

Hazz wondered if this meant he would finally get paid before another dispute broke out between the couple.

The relationship deteriorated and the client asked Hazz to “come back and take your work” – which Hazz promptly did.

The plumber also said the customer had taken a European vacation despite telling him he has “no money” to pay for hot water.

After disputes over how much to pay Hazz, the client told Hazz to

After disputes over how much to pay Hazz, the client told Hazz to “come back and take your job,” which he did by sawing off sections of copper pipe (pictured)

Numerous TikTok users commented on the videos to congratulate Hazz for standing up for the client.

One of them revealed to Hazz that he wasn’t the only tradie who had taken matters into his own hands after an argument with a client.

“My brother is a sparkle that didn’t get paid, he went back and wired the doorbell so it rang continuously,” one wrote.

“Show you’ve got a heart, too bad the really needy get a bad name from scabs,” a second added.

“The number of times I’ve tried to be nice to people who do cheap work and they just end up making fun of you, it’s raw,” another wrote.

“Nothing wrong with what you did, you tried to do the right thing but got fooled,” a fourth wrote.