Meet The Entrepreneur Behind The AI Research Entity with Over 150k Subscribers: Joseph Plazo

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Joseph Plazo – not just another lawyer, author, or innovator, but a hat trick of them all. His story isn’t about laurels on a blazer or credentials on a wall – no, it’s a chronicle of growth amidst rubble, of phoenix-like emergence from the ashes of personal tragedy, leveraging that pain into a force that spurred his drive, not just for survival, but for business dominance.

An investor, advisor, and partner to an enviable roster of start-ups – Exceed Global, Empowered Development, Sumosam, Midasoft LLC, United Travel Group, and Plazo Sullivan Roche – Plazo’s footprint is seen in every venture he touches. He’s commandeered the rudder of brand and marketing departments for INC 5000 titans like Convergys, goFluent, TTEC, and ISW, his sole aim – fueling growth, disrupting norms, inspiring greatness.

The road hasn’t been without pitfalls. Plazo knows the bitter taste of defeat, but the dissolution of half his start-ups hasn’t quelled his passion. His philosophy? To inspire others to never be restrained by fear of failure. We cornered him for a tête-à-tête on his intriguing journey.

“How did this entrepreneurial spark first ignite?” we quizzed. Recollections of his youth flooded back. He regaled tales of his teenage hustles, trading hours for tutoring fees at college, and acquiring jewelry from Quiapo only to flip it for a neat profit. He had gotten an early taste of the intoxicating power of self-reliance, declaring, “profits are better than wages.”

Fast forward to the pandemic years – Plazo faced a tidal wave of loss. But as a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur, he used this adversity as a springboard for innovation, partnering with like-minded pioneers to create an automated trading system. The venture was a grand success, spawning a Telegram Channel boasting 150,000 followers and providing invaluable market insights to the masses.

“What drives you?” we ask. Plazo’s answer? A zeal to grow, to see how far he can stretch the boundaries of business. It’s not just about monetary gains, but the exhilaration of setting audacious goals and smashing them.

His life as an entrepreneur in a nutshell? Exciting. Constant learning, the thrilling unpredictability of start-ups, and the endless evolution of his role, irrespective of the challenges, all fuel his entrepreneurial fire.

What sparked his foray into business? Autonomy, total control of a venture, and the sheer thrill of limitless expansion without any shackles. These are his motivators, the elements that keep him propelling forward.

His sage advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? Know your business like the back of your hand. Be prepared to toil harder than ever, and always remain armed with in-depth knowledge about your competitors, market, and customers. Above all, he stresses, be prepared to invest more than you budgeted.

Navigating the rocky road of business growth hasn’t been a stroll in the park. Time constraints, finding the right partners, and hunting for scalable technology have posed challenges. But Plazo’s modus operandi is about priority, focus, and valuing what brings success.

The invaluable lessons etched into his leadership style are a testament to his experiences. Respect and honesty are his hallmarks. “Never ask your troops to fight a battle you would not fight yourself,” he asserts, advocating for the importance of leading by example, no matter how small the task.

And his predictions for the global business landscape in 2023? He anticipates a harsh recession triggered by post-pandemic inflation and failing financial structures. But it’s not all doom and gloom. He predicts that this crisis will spark an evolutionary shift in thinking, where businesses must innovate and expand into new markets on a budget, leveraging artificial intelligence as a crucial weapon in their arsenal. To Joseph Plazo, even in adversity, there is always opportunity.