Max Payne actor James McCaffrey dead at 65 after ‘battle with multiple myeloma’

James McCaffrey, an American actor best known for his portrayal of the video game character Max Payne, has died TMZ Resources.

He died on Sunday at the age of 65 after a battle with cancer, according to the news source.

The star was reportedly diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

“Mcaffrey, one of Dick Wolf's (Swift Justice) protégés, went on to have a successful 35-year career in television and film,” a rep told TMZ. “He was trained in the Actors Studio and has never lost his love for creating characters; However, his good looks often pushed him toward leading male roles.”

Actor Kevin Dillon took his Instagram to pay his respects, writing: “James McCaffrey, we were fortunate to have known you. my dear friend, you will be missed.”

McCaffrey has been recognized for his versatile performances in various media, but his significant impact lies in the field of video games.

McCaffrey is widely celebrated for his iconic portrayal of Max Payne, the titular character from the critically acclaimed video game series.

His raw and emotional delivery brought Max Payne to life, earning him praise for capturing the character's noir sensibilities.

In addition to Max Payne, McCaffrey has lent his voice to numerous other video game characters, demonstrating his ability to convey depth and authenticity in virtual storytelling.

His contributions to the gaming industry underline his status as a respected and influential voice actor.