Marilyn Monroe’s last photoshoot: Actress posed naked for Vogue just days before her death – revealed as MAUREEN CALLAHAN unearths stunning claim about JFK and Bobby Kennedy: ‘I know who killed her’

Marilyn Monroe posed for her last ever photo shoot just weeks before her death at the age of 36.

A great book by author and columnist Maureen Callahan describes how the photo shoot – by world-renowned photographer Bert Stern – was Marilyn’s ‘most daring’ yet.

In ‘Don’t Ask: The Kennedys and the Women They Destroyed’Callahan writes that Marilyn was “at the height of her beauty” when Stern took the photos for Vogue in June 1962.

Marilyn suffered from intense depression and her consumption of alcohol and pills was “mind-boggling,” Callahan writes. Ultimately, her “persistent inability to get out of bed” got her fired from the set of her latest film, “Something’s Got to Give.”

She “took the public humiliation as a challenge,” says Callahan,[posing for Stern] naked in bed, her breasts wrapped in pink tulle. The eye was drawn by a long, deep scar… the result of recent gallbladder surgery.’

Marilyn was ‘at the height of her beauty’ when Bert Stern captured her last ever photo shoot (photo) for Vogue in June 1962.

Marilyn reportedly told Stern that she felt insecure about the mark, but he assured her that “a woman is beautiful because of her scars” — a quote he borrowed from famed fashion editor Diana Vreeland.

Marilyn died weeks later after a barbiturate overdose at her home in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Her body was found by her housekeeper in the early hours of August 5, 1962.

“She was lying face down on the bed, naked, with her phone still in her hand,” Callahan wrote.

As such, Stern’s iconic shoot was later titled “The Last Sitting.”

On Sunday, an exclusive excerpt from Callahan’s new biography – to be published in a major new Mail series – revealed potentially history-changing claims about Marilyn’s death.

In particular, Callahan discovered explosive comments made by Marilyn’s second husband Joe DiMaggio, years after her death.

DiMaggio banned both President John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby – who was concurrently having affairs with Marilyn – from her funeral, later reportedly saying, “I always knew who killed her, but I didn’t want to start a revolution in this country.” . She told me someone was going to arrest her, but I kept my mouth shut.

‘Many Kennedys were murderers of women, and they always got away with it. In a hundred years they’ll get away with it.’

Bobby visited Marilyn at her home in LA the night she died.


In “Ask Not: The Kennedys and the Women They Destroyed,” Callahan writes that Stern’s photos of Marilyn were the “most daring” photos of her career, posing nude in bed.

President John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby both had simultaneous affairs with Marilyn.

President John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby both had simultaneous affairs with Marilyn.

“The FBI and CIA, Bobby and Jack discovered, had tapped Marilyn’s home and phone line without her knowledge…Bobby did not leave without the tape recordings,” Callahan writes.

“Where the hell is it?” Bobby would have demanded. But Marilyn had “no idea” what he was talking about. Bobby left empty-handed and hours later she died.

After her death, the FBI was “ordered to delete certain phone records [from her home]’, Callahan writes. “Marilyn’s logs showed that she called Bobby’s workplace eight times between June 25 and June 30. [1962]…Reports indicate she had an abortion on July 20 and the baby may have been Bobby’s.”

Callahan also reveals that in 1985, ABC News planned to air a TV special about the Kennedy brothers’ possible involvement in Marilyn’s death – but just hours before it was set to air, ABC suddenly pulled the plug.

Then-president of ABC News Roone Arledge, who was responsible for canceling the documentary, was “an old friend of Ethel Kennedy.” [Bobby’s wife]’, Callahan writes.