Man dies after botched penis enlargement jab

Man dies after penis enlargement shot as ‘catering worker posing as medic injects 32-year-old’s manhood with silicone oil’

A German man has died after a failed penis enlargement.

The 32-year-old, who was not identified, reportedly had silicone oil injected into his genitals by a catering worker posing as a medic.

He succumbed to sepsis seven months later, after being stricken with a series of health complications.

The man who allegedly performed the procedure, named Torben K, has no medical qualifications, according to prosecutors.

He advertised his jabs through an online ad, it was alleged.

Prosecutors say a 32-year-old German man died from a penile injection administered by a catering worker in an apartment. The man died after several months of care after initially seeking help from doctors at Giessen University Hospital

Prosecutors allege that the victim received the injection in his penis and scrotum at the apartment of 46-year-old Torben K in the city of Solingen in 2019.

The victim reportedly developed breathing problems shortly after returning home from the procedure in his native Hesse, a region of central Germany.

According to Local mediahe sought help at the Giessen University Hospital and later spent months in agony in an intensive care unit.

Prosecutors allege the injections caused the victim to develop sepsis, an overreaction of the body’s immune system due to an infection.

High Prosecutor Wolf-Tilman Baumert told local media: “Unfortunately, the silicone oil entered the person’s bloodstream.

“This led to serious health complications and ultimately to his death.”

He added: “The fact that the man asked for the treatment is irrelevant from our point of view. The defendant has behaved very immorally.’

The trial is currently underway and a verdict is expected later this month.

Liquid silicone injections for genital augmentation have been used for years, despite the risks.

They work by provoking the body’s immune system to react to the foreign substance by forming a thick mass called a granuloma.

This theoretically increases the size and thickness of the injected tissue, giving men the larger genitals they desire.

However, this cosmetic procedure is banned in the UK due to the serious risks involved.

One of the main risks is a condition called siliconoma.

This is where a severe inflammatory reaction to the silicone occurs in the post-injection tissues, which must then be removed.

Surgery to cut out the silicone is usually the only solution, but the damage can often be permanent.

The unnamed German man is just one of dozens maimed in the quest for a larger or more aesthetically pleasing penis.

MailOnline recently covered the story of Matt, a Utah man seeking a risky genital enhancement procedure.

The 46-year-old explained how the resulting procedure left him feeling like a “broomstick” had been implanted in his now deformed penis.

Ultimately, the military veteran would have to pay around £250,000 to have the left ‘Frankenstein’ surgery corrected.

He is not alone, as there are many other cases of men who have suffered similar injuries from surgeries, implants and injections to enhance their genitals.