Magic’s Fallout Commander set will destroy your land with the return of Ravages of War

Magic: the meeting‘s mega-popular Universes Beyond collection has already traveled the cosmos with Doctor Who, battled Middle-earth in search of the One Ring, and competed in a few rounds Fortnite. Now the original trading card game of four arrives in the Wasteland Falloutthemed decks for the multiplayer Commander format, along with some fantastic reprints and alternate art treatments awaiting in Collector Boosters.

Publisher Wizards of the Coast unveiled the new cards on Tuesday during their weekly MTG streaming program. The biggest reveal is the return of Devastation of waran older one Magic card that takes the nuclear option by destroying every country on the table – even yours! There’s also a nice new Sol Ring, always good for two colorless mana, adorned with the Pip-Boy himself. We’ve included several dozen more previews below:

Image: Wizards of the Coast

A Sol Ring yields two colorless mana.  Here the sun shines through a vault door.

Image: Wizards of the Coast

The bulk of the reveals are for Commander, a multiplayer format featuring 99-card decks gathered around a single leader. According to lead designer Annie Sardelis, these four Fallout decks were created with some very different playstyles in mind. Full reveals are planned for each decklist between now and the March 8 launch.

Sloppy survivors

Sloppy survivors is an aura and equipment heavy deck featuring fan favorites like Dogmeat, the DJ Three Dog, former astronaut Sofia Daguerre, and a cameo from companion Nick Valentine.


The Science! The face card of the deck is Dr. Madison Li. Expect this artifact-heavy deck to generate a lot of energy that can be used to power creatures or draw additional cards. It also includes a Saga map, a multi-step map style that will play a crucial role in bringing some of Fallout’s many quest lines to life.

Mutant danger

The Mutant danger deck is where you can find super mutants, ghosts and Fallout 76‘s cutest cryptid, Mothman. It also introduces a new wheel counter mechanism, which can help power certain residents of the wasteland.

Hail Caesar

finally, the Hail Caesar deck contains many militants from the world of Fallout. In addition to dealing damage, players will end up sacrificing many cards in this deck to power their endgame moves. Expect the Squad keyword, introduced with 2023’s Warhammer 40,000-inspired Commander decks, to reappear here.

Collector boosters

Finally, some highly sought after reprints will only appear in this set’s Collector Booster Packs. These include Ravages of War, which destroys every land on the table regardless of who brought it into play, and a unique take on the venerable Sol Ring.

Arcane Signet is an artifact that, when tapped, produces a man of a color that matches your commander.

Image: Wizards of the Coast

War Room is a land that grants a mana or, together with three other mana, allows a player to draw an additional card.

Image: Wizards of the Coast

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Magic: The Gathering – Fallout Collector’s Booster Box

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The Collector’s Booster Box contains a total of 12 Collector’s Booster Packs. However, unlike some previous Collector’s Booster Boxes, this version is not packaged with a topper card.