LS polls: BJP refuses to mention minorities in its manifesto, says Owaisi

“They have not mentioned the word minorities. They say scholarships will be given to marginalized communities,” he said | Photo: X@asadowaisi

Alleging that the BJP is harboring hatred towards minorities, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said the saffron party even refused to mention the word ‘minorities’ in its manifesto, instead terming it as ‘marginalised’.

Owaisis said AIMIM’s alliance in Uttar Pradesh with Anupriya Patel’s Apna Dal (K) will continue even in the Assembly polls and the party will back Prakash Ambedkar in Akola and Anand Ambedkar in Amaravati in Maharashtra.

“I have seen the BJP advertisement of April 17 in several newspapers. See when they talk about giving loans or helping to start a business from the government, it says ST and OBC. The BJP even refuses to mention the word ‘minorities forget Muslims’ The word minorities is mentioned in the Constitution of India and the BJP has great hatred for the word M,” Owaisi told PTI Videos on Wednesday.

“They didn’t mention the word minorities. They say scholarships will be given to marginalized communities,” he said.

He claimed that there is the highest dropout rate among Dalits and Muslims and that the BJP has deliberately increased the dropout rate in the Muslim community.

The Hyderabad Lok Sabha member alleged that there is a high unemployment rate in the country due to lack of jobs, increased hatred towards minorities and there is a threat to the Constitution. He called on people to take these issues into account before voting for a party. .

Owaisi said the BJP may talk about making the country the third largest economy in the world, but you also have to consider per capita income when it comes to growth.

He said that though there were earlier talks between his party and AIADMK in Tamil Nadu, they did not materialize as the latter was part of the NDA at the time. However, as the Palaniswami-led party emerged from the NDA and also declared that it would oppose CAA and NRC, it would emerge as the most powerful party in the southern state during the Assembly elections and is also expected to perform well in the Lok Sabha polls. , he said.

First print: April 18, 2024 | 10:22 am IST