Love Island SPOILER: Catherine confronts Sammy over a brutal comment he made about her

Love Island SPOILER: ‘You don’t care Sammy!’ Catherine confronts Sammy about a sassy comment he made about her during the compatibility twist

Love Island will see some tense scenes in the upcoming episode after Catherine Agbaje confronted Sammy Root about comments he made.

The Irish, 22, was unimpressed when Sammy, also 22, admitted that he didn’t think her partner Scott van-der-Sluis was physically attracted to her.

Sammy’s comment came during a recent twist where islanders chose who they thought were the least compatible couples on the show.

Explaining his choice, Sammy revealed that he didn’t see a spark between Catherine and Scott, 22, as he didn’t believe the footballer was attracted to her.

Catherine, who was accompanied by her friend Whitney Adebayo, later approached Sammy to ask him what he meant behind the comment.

Not impressed: Love Island will see some tense scenes unfold in the upcoming episode after Catherine Agbaje confronted Scott Sammy Root over comments he made

As they both question his opinion, Sammy says, “Obviously you and Mehdi get along and you and Scott get along well, but in the end I feel like Jess and I are more suited to each other.” ‘

Catherine admits, “My feelings are clear. That comment about physical attraction upset me.”

Sammy’s comments at the fire pit are still a hot topic among some islanders.

Scott says to Sammy, “I wanted to pull you up on something. When you said I’m not physically attracted to Catherine and we don’t have physical touch, I didn’t like that.’

Sammy replies, “Ultimately, that’s from my point of view.”

Scott adds, “I think it depends on how you define compatibility, because with the arguments you could say that because you’ve had so many arguments, you’re not compatible.”

Sammy asks, “But how many arguments did Ty and Ella have?”

Later, Catherine along with Whitney also speaks to Sammy about the situation.

Will the islanders be able to leave the fire pit behind and move on?