Lost in translation! Hilarious sign leaves customers in stitches

  • The message, discovered by a couple in Wood Green, was posted on Reddit

Diners were in trouble when they saw a very uncomfortable sign in their favorite restaurant.

The couple burst out laughing after spotting the rude message printed on the front door of kebab shop Doner Daddy in north London, and thought it was too funny to keep to themselves.

They shared a photo of the sign on Reddit channel CasualUK, causing followers to cry with laughter.

The unfortunate notice on the door of the takeaway shop in Wood Green read: ‘We have more spaces for large groups at the back.’

The couple burst out laughing after spotting the rude printed message in North London and thought it was too funny to keep to themselves.

People flooded the comments with jokes galore about the miscommunication on the restaurant’s bright orange door.

“I won’t look back after a full döner with chili sauce…” someone joked.

“Okay, no need to brag about it with a sign on the door,” another joked.

A third wrote: ‘I’d be worried about what happens to my backside after eating there if I looked at my local kebab shop.’

One teased: ‘Hmm. Bon appetit,” while another joked: “Getting a table is quite a job though.”

Others defended the funny blunder, adding: “They probably meant their rear or rear passage, an honest mistake.”

“It’s an area at the back of the store that isn’t noticeable if you haven’t been there before,” a second noted.

Another shared his own experience, saying: ‘I was working for a Bangladeshi manager and he said this, same as left and right, I think.’

But the London takeaway wasn’t the first and won’t be the last person or organization to make a hilarious but embarrassing mistake on a plate.

The Reddit group Funny Signs gave its followers something to laugh about when it collected the strangest messages from around the world.

One targeted the younger generations who joked that if a fire broke out, they should leave the building before tweeting about it.

Meanwhile, another questioned someone’s grammar, ironically misspelling school as ‘shcool’

Others definitely led some people in the wrong direction, with an awkward sign saying ‘keep right’ while pointing left.