Longshot Republican candidate Ryan Binkley finally ends his run for president against Trump and Nikki Haley – offering his ‘unwavering’ support to the Donald as he fights ‘corrupt charges’

  • Longshot Republican presidential candidate Ryan Binkley ended his 2024 campaign on Tuesday
  • The Texas-based pastor supported former President Donald Trump on his way out
  • Binkley said Trump would need “everyone’s support” to fight “the corrupt accusations and charges” against him

Republican presidential candidate Ryan Binkley ended his 2024 campaign on Tuesday and immediately endorsed former President Donald Trump for the GOP nomination.

Binkley, who has never held elected office, focused most of his campaign efforts on strong performances in the Iowa caucuses, although a trip through the Hawkeye State ultimately netted him fewer than 800 votes.

The Texas-based pastor remained on the ballot in New Hampshire last month, where he received 315 votes, and was the only candidate left in the race to compete for delegates in the Nevada caucuses earlier this month, which Trump easily won .

During the Republican primaries in South Carolina, Binkley received a total of 527 votes.

“Today I suspend my campaign for President of the United States of America and offer my support and unwavering support to President Trump,” he said.

“Throughout my campaign, I watched our party struggle to find a place for a new vision while weighing the corrupt accusations and charges against President Trump,” he continued. ‘HHe’s going to need everyone’s support, and he’s going to get mine.”

Republican presidential candidate Ryan Binkley, photographed at last year’s Lincoln Dinner in Des Moines, Iowa, ultimately dropped out of the 2024 race on Tuesday

Ryan Binkley

Former President Donald Trump

Binkley (left), a Texas-based pastor, immediately endorsed former President Donald Trump (right), who has only former U.N. ambassadors. Nikki Haley must overcome before she gets the 2024 GOP nomination

Binkley followed other 2024 hopefuls, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, in endorsing Trump as he walked out the door.

Trump has only one rival left: former UN ambassador and former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, whom he defeated by about 20 points on Saturday in her home state of South Carolina.

Still, Haley pointed out that about 40 percent of Republicans don’t want the former president to re-nominate the party, so she’s campaigning across the country this week in states that will vote on Super Tuesday, March 5.

When former Rep. Will Hurd and former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson withdrew from the presidential race, they endorsed Haley, but other former presidential candidates remained on the sidelines.

Former Vice President Mike Pence, who feuded with Trump over his efforts to overturn the 2020 and Jan. 6 election results, has not yet endorsed a candidate.

That includes New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who left the race before the Iowa caucuses and made it clear he would not support Trump.

However, Christie had a tense microphone moment minutes before dropping out of the race during a campaign stop in New Hampshire, saying Haley was “going to get smoked by Trump” and was “not ready for” the race.

Binkley’s endorsement Tuesday is more evidence that most of the party now supports Trump.

“While it is time for me to return to my family, business and church and take care of the responsibilities given to me, I remain steadfast in my commitment to my plans for the economy, border security and health care,” he said .

I look forward to considering other ways I can make an impact and promote my policy positions,” Binkley continued. “Thank you again for being with us on this journey.”

“Let us continue to pray for our nation and our leaders. If we look to each other for wisdom and strength, our future can be better than we can imagine. I look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings,” the former candidate added.