Logan Paul DOUBLES bet with Conor McGregor, as he wagers $2m that he will beat Irishman’s team-mate Dillon Danis in boxing match and claims they are both ‘all bark, no bite’

Logan Paul DOUBLES with Conor McGregor, betting $2 million that he’ll beat Irishman’s teammate Dillon Danis in a boxing match, claiming they’re both “all bark, no bite”

  • Logan Paul prepares for the boxing match against Dillon Danis on October 14
  • Conor McGregor’s old teammate is trained by the Irishman
  • Paul has offered McGregor a two million dollar bet that he will beat Danis

Logan Paul has doubled his bet on Conor McGregor and offers to put $2 million on the line for his fight with Dillon Danis.

Danis has been the Irishman’s training partner for years and ‘Notorious’ would help him prepare for the clash with the YouTuber turned boxer on October 14.

Earlier this month, Paul suggested the idea of ​​a $1 million bet, but it fell on deaf ears.

So the 28-year-old has made a second attempt at getting the UFC star’s attention by doubling down.

“This son of a bitch kind of disappoints me, because I really loved Conor McGregor as a kid,” Paul said on Andrew Schultz’s Flagrant podcast.

Logan Paul has doubled his bet with Conor McGregor that he will beat Dillon Danis

Danis (left) is best known as McGregor's (right) longtime training partner

Danis (left) is best known as McGregor’s (right) longtime training partner

“He’s so entertaining, he’s so good. When he fought Floyd (Mayweather), come on, that was the most exciting sporting event ever.

‘I was devastated. And now that we somehow cross paths – or he trains Dillon and Dillon is the guy I fight and I have a chance to have a dialogue with him – he just let me down because a superstar .

“The way he doesn’t commit to anything, the way he doesn’t substantiate anything he says. The way he barks but doesn’t bite.

So man, I challenged Conor, I was like, ‘Are you going to train Dillon for the fight? Okay, I’ll bet you $1 million. I bet 1 million dollars I beat your fighter. Radio silence.’

“Conor, you know what, I’ll tell you something, I’ll tell you something, Mr. Moneybags, I’m going to make this more interesting for you,” Paul said.

‘Shall we double it? $2 million. For $2 million I’ll say I beat your boy Dillon Danis. I know you’re going to see this. I know you’re going to see this clip. You coach him, you mentor him, he will definitely show up, right?

Danis has never boxed professionally and is better known for being controversial online

Danis has never boxed professionally and is better known for being controversial online

“F*** you. You are both all barking, no biting. $2 million where it says I beat you boy, I’ll send you the contract tomorrow. He’s not going to respond. All bark, no bite, both.”

Danis has targeted Paul’s fiancé Nina Agdal in a bitter and personal build-up to the fight.

Widely known as a social media vocal and court controversy, the MMA fighter last competed professionally in 2019.

He has a professional record of 2-0 but has never had a boxing match before, while Paul has entered the ring three times, twice against KSI and once in a lucrative match against Floyd Mayweather.