Logan Paul co-host reveals what it’s REALLY like meeting Donald Trump… while confirming invite to Joe Biden is ‘still open’

Mike Majlak, co-host of Logan Paul’s podcast, talks about his experience meeting Donald Trump after the former president’s appearance on their show this week.

Trump was a special guest on the latest episode of Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’ podcast, where he spoke with the YouTuber turned WWE superstar and Majlak about a wide range of topics.

Before the episode started, the 78-year-old arrived bearing gifts after arriving on set wearing t-shirts emblazoned with his infamous police mugshot, a move that left Paul in stitches.

He then discussed his 2024 presidential battle with Joe Biden, conspiracy theories about aliens and UFOs, Logan’s potential battle against his own brother and much more.

And after recording the podcast with him, Majlak revealed what it was really like to meet a high-profile figure as divisive as Trump, while insisting that their invitation for Joe Biden to come on the next show ‘is still open ‘ is.

Logan Paul’s podcast co-host Mike Majlak (right) has opened up about his meeting with Donald Trump

Trump was a special guest on the latest episode of Paul's 'Impaulsive' podcast this week

Trump was a special guest on the latest episode of Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’ podcast this week

“After going from anti-Trump to neutral or whatever, it was nice to finally meet him,” he wrote, “We live in a world of headlines and misconceptions, and it was nice to put those to rest. his appearance is refined and he commands the room. he is also, predictably, much more relaxed and fun in remote settings.”

He then continued, “Having worked in the hospitality industry all his life, he is extremely accommodating and gives time to EVERY person in the room individually. it would have been easy for him to ONLY talk to Logan off camera, but he showed me the same amount of love the entire time. his networking acumen and chamber work are impeccable. he also made sure we ate and his chefs made us coconut shrimp (9.1/10) after the show.”

Majlak added that Trump was “always smiling” off camera and had a “positive, happy vibe.”

“He clearly understands that leading with a smile is a charm worth mastering. people like happy people,” he said before concluding, “Say what you want about Trump’s policies, that’s personal opinion and I respect yours. I’m just grateful for his time and the love he showed us.”

A source close to Paul previously told Mail Sport that Trump’s camp reached out directly to ask if he could appear on the podcast as he continues his presidential campaign ahead of the November election.

The announcement that he would be joining the podcast divided Paul’s fans, with many excited to listen, and many others furious that he was giving a convicted felon airtime on his show.

Majlak talked about his experiences meeting the former president for the podcast

Majlak talked about his experiences meeting the former president for the podcast

He praised Trump for

He praised Trump for “always smiling” off camera and making them feel welcome

‘Logan picks the right team! The team that wants a better country united,” one fan wrote, while another added: “Awesome, let’s go! Trump 2024’

On the other side of the fence, many of Paul’s regular fans took aim at the YouTube star, who has more than 23.5 million subscribers.

‘Why would you give him airtime? Embarrassing,” read one comment, while another corrected Paul for labeling Trump as “president” by noting, “Former president. Currently convicted felon awaiting sentencing.”

On May 30, Trump was found guilty of all 34 charges of falsifying corporate records in a landmark trial in Manhattan Criminal Court.

He now awaits sentencing in July, with each of his convictions carrying a maximum penalty of up to four years in prison.