Lofi hip hop girl has gotten a Lego alter ego

The Lofi Girl does it again. This time, she didn’t disappear but instead took on a new form when she transformed into a Lego version of herself on Tuesday afternoon. She looks cozier than ever and the new design is part of a partnership between YouTube channel Lofi Girl and The Lego Group.

The newly designed Lego Lofi Girl made her debut on Tuesday afternoon during the live music broadcast of “lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to”. She later reverted to her usual old animated character on the channel’s feed, but YouTube channel Lofi Girl released a recording of the mix with the new Lego Lofi Girl titled: “Lofi Girl – relaxing rhythms for LEGO building.” The Lego Group released the animation under the title part of a new challenge where fans can use Legos to build places they like to relax, inspired by Lofi Girl.

Lofi Girl remains as studious as ever – just like a Lego version of herself. The special 3D animation contains all the major devices that fans would recognize from the regular livestream. She has an adorable brick lamp and a plastic kitten. And even though she can’t turn the pages of her book since it’s, you know… a Lego toy… she still seems so focused.

For those who aren’t familiar, Lofi Girl is the name of a YouTube channel that hosts a 24-hour live stream of chilled out, chilled out music. Over time, the girl in the streaming animation became known as “Lofi Girl” and became a true Internet icon. In April, Lofi Girl alarmed fans when she disappeared from the YouTube livestream. Turns out she only left to present a new livestream featuring synthwave music.