Locker-room sewage and cold showers: NFL players list team gripes

A study by the NFL Players Association found that success on the field and satisfaction in the workplace don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

The second annual survey, which received responses from 1,706 NFL players, rated the league’s 32 teams in categories such as facilities, training staff, head coaches, food, ownership and treatment of player families. The Miami Dolphins were ranked first overall, with the Minnesota Vikings in second place.

“Minnesota, along with Miami, has split into their own tier when it comes to what it means to run a world-class NFL workplace,” the NFLPA report said.

But somewhat surprisingly, the Kansas City Chiefs, who won their second straight Super Bowl earlier this month, came in at 31st place in the rankings. While their popular head coach Andy Reid received an A+ from players, the club’s owner Clark Hunt received an F, partly due to his perceived reluctance to invest in player facilities. That situation could be remedied in future seasons after the Chiefs announced Wednesday will renovate Arrowhead Stadium before hosting World Cup matches in 2026.

“Although in response to last year’s feedback, players were provided with real chairs with backs to sit in their lockers, this did not change the fact that the locker room was in need of renovation,” the report said. “…The one bright spot for the team is head coach Andy Reid, the highest-rated head coach in the NFL. Furthermore, players are frustrated with the workplace offering, especially after the team’s continued success in recent years.”

The Washington Commanders were the worst team for the second year in a row, despite a new ownership group taking over from the maligned Dan Snyder. The new owners, led by Josh Harris, received a B from the players for their leadership, but the team ranked near the bottom in almost every other category, with the exception of strength coaches.

“The survey data shows a long list of workplace issues that continue to cause problems, and players indicated they have grown tired of the shortcomings. “For starters, the locker room is small and in dire need of renovation, with players reporting multiple sewage leaks,” the report said.

Josh McDaniels, who was fired by the Las Vegas Raiders midseason, was ranked as the league’s worst coach.

“The responding players’ (Raiders) strong negative assessment of the former head coach has significantly lowered the club’s overall ranking,” the report said. “The hope is that newly hired head coach Antonio Pierce will create a better working environment to match the top facilities in Las Vegas.”

The Jacksonville Jaguars, whose facilities were described by players last year as rat-infested, rose to fifth in the rankings after improving their facilities.

“New facilities, no more rats,” said the NFLPA president, JC Trettersaid Wednesday.

Other notable details revealed by the study include the fact that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers charge players with less than four years of experience $1,750 to have their own hotel room for road games, while the Cincinnati Bengals charge only three meals per week on Wednesdays provide a day for players. . The Bengals’ locker room was also criticized. “About 50% of the showers are not working; they either do not provide hot water or there is not enough water pressure,” the report said. “They face consistent sanitation issues that limit the number of functioning toilets the players can use.”

The Cardinals were criticized for charging players for meals. “If players would like to have dinner, it will be placed in a box for them, but players reported that the team will charge you through payroll deductions,” the report said. “This is apparently the only club that does this.”

The NFL said it appreciated the insight the report provided.

“The league and its clubs always encourage and solicit feedback from players to help improve all facets of their NFL experience,” the NFL said in a statement Wednesday. “We look forward to the opportunity to review the union’s questionnaire, and the data supporting it, after it is released to the media.”

Top five NFL workplaces according to players

1) Miami Dolphins

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2) Minnesota Vikings

3) Green Bay Packers

4) Philadelphia Eagles

5)Jacksonville Jaguars

Bottom Five NFL Workplaces According to Players

28) Pittsburgh Steelers

29) New England Patriots

30) Los Angeles Chargers

31) Kansas City Chefs

32) Washington Commanders