Lime e-bike rider’s horrific fall in Sydney’s busy Eastern Distributor tunnel after dangerous stunt

A daredevil e-bike rider has been left stranded after crashing into a busy city tunnel while trying to cross a raised lane divider to reach a closed exit.

Sisters Kobi Klyde and Amy Macintosh filmed the rider – who was not wearing a helmet – at Sydney’s Eastern Distributor about 9.30pm on Saturday.

The man, wearing a lightweight pink shirt and light gray trousers, was driving southbound in the left lane towards Sydney Airport

Stunned by the bizarre sight, Ms Macintosh began filming the man riding the e-bike with her phone.

“What are you doing brother?” she asked.

The man crashed into the lane divider seconds later as he attempted to enter the left lane towards the Bondi and Randwick exit.

The man then fell from the white and green Uber-assisted Lime rental bike and landed heavily on the road.

A helmet that appeared to have been in a basket in front of the bicycle was seen flying out as Ms Klyde and Ms Macintosh screamed in shock.

An e-bike rider who was filmed riding in Sydney’s Eastern Distributor Tunnel (pictured) on Saturday evening crashed after trying to drive through a marked lane divider

Moments earlier, the man was seen changing lanes several times in the tunnel.

Ms Klyde, 26, said the man briefly held up traffic in the southbound lanes while he was cycling.

“I was very shocked that he was in the tunnel because I knew it was illegal,” Ms Clyde told the station Sydney Morning Herald.

Cycling on highways and in toll tunnels is illegal in NSW, with offenders facing a fine of up to $2,200.

A spokesperson for Transurban told Daily Mail Australia they became aware of the incident after being notified the rider had entered the tunnel.

‘After locating the cyclist, we closed a lane and dispatched our Incident Response staff to assist. The cyclist was able to leave the tunnel before our team arrived,” the spokesperson said.

Last year, a food delivery worker was captured on CCTV riding his bike on the M8 motorway as cars and lorries passed by.

He then brought traffic to an abrupt halt as he walked across several lanes into another part of the tunnel toward an exit.

Another cyclist was also caught riding in the M4 tunnel after an incident response crew spotted the man riding his bike against traffic on the wrong side of the road.

More than 120 cyclists rode on highways and tunnels through Sydney between January and July last year.

The eastern distributor was most commonly used by cyclists and 11 have been spotted since January, most of which are food deliverers.

A spokesperson for Transport for NSW told Daily Mail that several measures have been put in place, including road signs, directing cyclists not to enter tunnels and highways.

“Most tunnels are not designed for bicycle use and are high-speed thoroughfares that do not have the infrastructure or facilities for cyclists or pedestrians,” the spokesperson said.

“Bicycle riders who illegally use tunnels put themselves and others at risk of serious injury or death.”

Cyclists are banned from cycling on highways (photos) or tunnels in NSW and will be fined for committing the offense

Cyclists are banned from cycling on highways (photos) or tunnels in NSW and will be fined for committing the offense