Letitia James claims Trump’s ‘wandering’ insults on the stand were a ‘distraction’: New York AG fires back at ex-president for calling her a ‘hack’ and insists the evidence shows he has his assets inflated to ‘enrich themselves’

  • James hit back at Trump the day he called her a “hack.”
  • She said he “wandered around” and threw “insults” at the stand
  • Trump testified Monday in his $250 million fraud case in New York

New York AG Letitia James took the steps of a Manhattan courthouse to castigate former President Donald Trump after he pursued her in and out of the courtroom in his fraud case.

“He was wandering around, he was hurling insults, but we expected that,” she said, amid hecklers outside the courtroom where Trump’s ability to do business in New York is at stake as he is fined 250 million dollar awaits.

James reiterated her own claim that Trump “falsely inflated his assets to essentially enrich himself” to engage in “fraud.”

“The numbers don’t lie,” she said calmly. She accused him of “distraction” and “swearing,” but vowed: “I will not be bullied or harassed.” This case will continue.”

“He rambled, he hurled insults,” New York AG Letitia James said Monday after a dramatic performance by former President Donald Trump

The rare comments castigating a witness in an ongoing case came on a day when Trump again attacked James before sparring with Judge Arthur Engoron, who is presiding over the trial.

Trump started the day by calling the case against him a “witch hunt” and labeling James a “political hack.”

“This is the opposite of fraud,” Trump said, again claiming that his properties were worth far more than the amounts reported on financial statements signed by Trump Organization executives.

‘People are sick and tired of what’s happening. I think it’s a very sad statement for America,” Trump said during a second turn at the microphones. During the first speech, he delivered remarks that contained elements of a presidential campaign speech.

Trump testified Monday at his fraud trial in New York, again tearing into prosecutors

Trump testified Monday at his fraud trial in New York, again tearing into prosecutors

Trump clashed with Judge Arthur Engoron at the top of his testimony

Trump clashed with Judge Arthur Engoron at the top of his testimony

Trump called AG James a 'hack'

Trump called AG James a ‘hack’

Trump was also furious with Engoron, whom he called a “hostile judge” who complained in court that he always ruled against him.

He called the case a “scam” and said the case “should never have been brought.”

Even with the management of his business empire at stake, Trump appeared to view his day in the stands as an opportunity after a new New York Times/Siena College poll showed him beating Joe Biden in five of six swing states led, enough to achieve results. a resounding Electoral College victory if they all went his way in November.

“We stand here all day, and it’s election interference, because you want to keep me in this courthouse all day, and we have a very hostile judge,” Trump said at the end of his testimony, after initially had voluntarily attended sessions. on the House.

Trump has long been concerned about James, calling him a “con artist” during her campaign for the post and promising to “shine a bright light into every dark corner of his real estate dealings.” He accused her of being out to get him from the start of her term.