Labor’s electric campaign bus runs out of battery just days before the NSW state election

Labor’s electric campaign bus runs out of power just days before the NSW state election

  • Labour’s NSW campaign bus was out of order on Tuesday
  • There was a ‘problem with the charging’ of the electric bus

The Labor bus runs out of battery on one of the last days of the campaign trail.

The bus departed from Warragamba Dam in southwest Sydney on Tuesday morning with traveling media and Labor workers on board.

It is clear that the bus’s battery was dead on the way back to Camden for a street walk.

Labour’s Chris Minns laughs at a campaign failure because his electric bus ran out on the road (pictured)

A Labor Party source told NCA NewsWire that the bus did not break down, but passengers were moved to another bus “just to be on the safe side” after a “problem with charging”.

Labor leader Chris Minns was not shy about boasting about the 12.5-metre Australian-made bus early in his term, particularly the buses’ “all-electric” status.

Reporters and staffers were rushed onto a new bus at 11:30 am to ensure they could keep their next scheduled performance.

Prime Minister Dominic Perrottett was asked his reaction to the Labor campaign bus running out of electricity, and whether that reflected a lack of charging ports for electric vehicles.

Instead, the Prime Minister took a swipe at his opponent.

“It’s no surprise that Labor’s bus broke down, just as their budget broke down yesterday,” he said.

More to come.