Kyrie Irving ‘upset at inappropriate comment’ from fan after crashing into courtside seats in NBA Finals

Kyrie Irving was reportedly upset about an “inappropriate” comment made to him when he accidentally bumped into fans during the NBA Finals.

In the second quarter of Monday’s Game 5 in Boston, Irving dove for a loose ball and landed on the announcer’s table as his Mavericks hung on while down 3-1 against the Celtics.

After the point guard stood up after successfully corralling the ball, broadcaster Mike Breen noted that Irving also received an unpleasant comment from a fan as he dove into the Boston crowd.

ā€œIrving was upset,ā€ Breen said. “Someone said something inappropriate to him while the man was on the ground, which was a shame.”

The comments and the person who made them were not disclosed after the incident.


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