Kylie Kelce reveals her hilarious first meeting with Travis in Hawaii – after her husband Jason got drunk and shirtless when he met Taylor Swift!

Kylie Kelce recalled the moment she met her brother-in-law Travis and revealed how he lived up to his older brother Jason’s expectations.

In a recent appearance on the Stacking the Box podcast, Kylie recalled the “funny” first meeting while telling host Sterling Holmes.

“Jason and I had been together for a while before I met Travis,” Kylie said. ‘I’m certainly talking about an entire football season, because the schedules didn’t match and so I actually met [Travis] in Hawaii [the] Pro Bowl.”

“It was a full dip in the Kelce pool because I had never been on a Kelce family vacation and that turned into one,” she continued. “So we had the whole Kelce family together, which is rare.

“But I had received months and months and months of Jason talking to his brother and telling me what a wonderful person he was and how kind and generous and loving.”

Kylie Kelce revealed she first met brother-in-law Travis during a family trip in Hawaii

Kylie revealed that Travis

Kylie revealed that Travis “lived up” to his older brother Jason’s expectations

Kylie and Jason married on April 14, 2018. They then had their first daughter, Wyatt, in October 2019, followed by Elliotte in March 2021 and Bennett in February 2023.

With their three daughters in the photo, Kylie continued to praise Travis and his relationship with his nieces.

“He’s hilarious,” she said of the Chiefs tight end. ‘And the best uncle and an excellent brother-in-law,’

While Kylie first met Travis during a family vacation, Jason met his younger brother’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift, at a very different family celebration.

Jason met the pop star during the Chiefs’ playoff game against the Bill in Buffalo. The former Philadelphia Eagles center took off his shirt and jumped out of the VIP box to celebrate Travis’ two-touchdown performance.

Kylie and Jason married in April 2018 and have three daughters;  Wyatt, Elliotte and Bennett

Kylie and Jason married in April 2018 and have three daughters; Wyatt, Elliotte and Bennett

She raved about Travis' relationship with their daughters, calling him the

She raved about Travis’ relationship with their daughters, calling him the “best uncle”

Taylor Swift after meeting Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce celebrates Travis' two-touchdown game

Jason met Taylor Swift during the Chiefs’ playoff win against the Bills in Buffalo

On April 1, Kylie told the story TODAY it’s been a joy to watch Travis and Taylor’s relationship grow.

“At the end of the day, if Trav is happy, we’re happy,” Kylie said, also referencing Jason. “We always cheer for Uncle Trav. It’s great to be able to do this both on and off the field. But it was great.’

Plus, Kylie Holmes talked about how Kelces’ New Heights podcast is an unfiltered look at their real-life relationship.

‘[It is] basically a peek into our Christmas dinner tables,” she shared. “It’s just what they do when they connect with each other in person, so it’s nice to see that other people enjoy taking a look at that.”