Kyle Morris’s father grieves after 20-year-old’s body found barefoot in Brisbane bushland

Grieving father reveals his 20-year-old son’s body has been found after a desperate week-long search in bushland – days after a heartbreaking open letter begged him to come home

  • 20-year-old body found in bushland
  • Last seen wandering barefoot
  • Case touched the community

A bereaved father has revealed that the body of his 20-year-old son, who was last wandering barefoot in bushland, has been found after a week-long desperate search that brought together the local community.

Kyle Morris was said to have been found by police between 2 and 3 pm on Monday afternoon near Linkfield Rd, Bridgeman Downs, north of Brisbane.

Family and police repeatedly pleaded for public help in finding Kyle after he was captured by church CCTV footage around 4 a.m. on June 12 wearing a T-shirt, shorts, no shoes and a black motorcycle helmet, near where the body has been found.

Kyle’s father, Darren Morris, has announced the “devastating” news of his son’s death on Facebook.

“It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that our beloved son was found dead this afternoon,” Mr. Morris wrote in tribute to the concerted effort to find Kyle.

The body of 20-year-old Kyle Morris has been found after a week-long search that rallied the community

“Only through all of your efforts, care, concern, best wishes, sharing messages, putting up fliers, the wonderful SES volunteers (Anita and team), the police (Corey, Troy, Kayne and the Albany Creek team ) etc. that we found him so quickly and the family can now rest knowing that Kyle is not alone and suffering somewhere.

β€œYou should all be proud of yourself as a community. I thank you all from the bottom of my broken heart. RIP mate.’

Mr Morris told the Courier Mail that his son studied business part-time at Griffith University in Brisbane and worked at the family business to become a consultant.

“He was a wonderful boy, kind and polite,” said Mr. Morris.

β€œHe loved riding motorcycles and jet skis. Looking forward to a successful career.

β€œ(Kyle) sometimes suffered from anxiety. But 95 percent of the time he was a happy, well-adjusted young man.”

Kyle's father, Darren Morris, paid a heartfelt tribute to his son and thanked the community for their efforts amid an outpouring of grief and condolences on social media

Kyle’s father, Darren Morris, paid a heartfelt tribute to his son and thanked the community for their efforts amid an outpouring of grief and condolences on social media

On Sunday, Mr. Davis posted an open letter addressed to his son on Facebook.

I love you. Your mother loves you. Your grandparents love you. Your sister even loves you!” it read.

“Thousands of good people you’ve never met care about you and want to see you again, safe and sound, with your family.”

The outpouring of sympathy and grief under Mr. Davis’ post announcing Kyle’s passing underlined how widespread and deep the common thread has been struck by the heartbreaking case.

“I’ve been keeping up to date since I came across a previous post within my community,” read a typical comment.

β€œI don’t know Kyle or his family personally, but I couldn’t stop thinking and hoping that he would get there safely. This is truly a very heartbreaking outcome for a young man with so much life yet to be lived!

β€œI now hope that the family can get closure and get the time they need to properly grieve, knowing that Kyle is resting peacefully in a much safer place.

“I think this will touch many members of the wider community and hopefully shed a light on how precious life is, and to cherish every moment you can.”

Police are working with the coroner to formally identify the body.

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