Knife, Gun, Ammunition Seized From Bryan Kohberger’s Pennsylvania Home, Reveals Unsealed Warrant


Two knives, a gun, a black mask and a black hat among 63 items of evidence seized from Bryan Kohberger’s parents’ home, unsealed warrant reveals

The full list of items seized by Pennsylvania police from the home of Bryan Kohberger’s parents was revealed Thursday and includes a knife, a gun, ammunition and a “criminal psychology book.”

Kohberger was arrested at his parents’ home in Albrightsville on December 30 after driving from Idaho to Pennsylvania with his father.

Cops linked him to the gruesome quadruple murder of four college students after tracking his white Hyundai to the scene.

Bryan Kohberger will return to court in June

The Kohberger family home in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania

The Kohberger family home in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania

Police seized 63 items from Kohberger’s parents’ home. They include:

  • Knife
  • Smith & Wesson pocket knife
  • Glock 22 Gen S .40 caliber pistol
  • Three Glock .40 caliber magazines
  • black masks
  • black gloves
  • black hat and black mask