I bought a $3 Kmart Australia beauty buy that’s a dupe for the famous $62 Dior Lip Glow Oil – and it’s super long-lasting

Shoppers are rushing to Kmart to get their hands on a dupe of a beloved Dior beauty buy — and it only costs $3.

Oxx Skincare’s nourishing lip oils have been called the “perfect” budget alternative to the Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil ($62).

Tanika Jaun was shocked when she strolled through her local store and found the lip oil on the shelf.

The Brisbane content creator revealed she “absolutely had to” try it and was surprised by the results.

“I picked up the strawberry scented lip oil and I have no complaints – it gave me the most beautiful glow and it’s really long lasting,” she said in a video.

Tanika also praised the “cute packaging” and large doe-foot applicator.

“It’s super soft and doesn’t feel sticky at all,” she said. “It’s very nutritious and hydrating.”

Tanika appreciated the subtle scent of the product because it “didn’t smell cheap.”

Shoppers will also find the coveted lip oil in peace, watermelon and coconut scents.

Many were impressed with the budget purchase and immediately vowed to try it.

“Girl, that looks beautiful on you,” someone said in Tanika’s video.

Oxx Skincare Lip Oil ($3)

Oxx Skincare’s Nourishing Lip Oils Are Called the ‘Perfect’ Budget Alternative to the Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil ($62)

“Cheap as chips – I have peach and the scent is so subtle which I love,” wrote another.

“You’re telling me I spent almost $70 on Dior lip oil for nothing because I couldn’t find a dupe!” said a woman.

‘It’s so good, I’m going to buy the whole collection!’ said one beauty enthusiast.

“Okay, you convinced me. Off to Kmart, I’m going!’ a woman added.

Some also compared the product to Kylie Cosmetics and Elf lip oils.

Tanika Jaun was shocked when she found the lip oils on the shelf at Kmart

Tanika Jaun was shocked when she found the lip oils on the shelf at Kmart