Kid Cudi sued Kanye West for his reaction to the split with Kim Kardashian after Kanye argued with him for being friends with Pete Davidson

Earlier this month, Kanye fueled their feud when he mocked Cudi after his fans pelted his former boyfriend at a festival.

Kid Cudi and Kanye West have been close friends and collaborators for over a decade, and Cudi signed with Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music from 2008.

Over the years, the two men have supported each other and even featured in each other’s respective documentaries and other projects.

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But that all changed in February of this year, when Kanye lashed out at Cudi for his ongoing friendship with Pete Davidson, who was dating Kanye’s ex, Kim Kardashian at the time.

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In summary, Kim had filed for divorce from Kanye in February 2021 after more than six years of marriage. The couple seemed amicable after the split, but it all changed when she started dating Pete nine months later.

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In early 2022, Kanye began repeatedly targeting Kim and Pete in a series of scathing Instagram posts that he would delete soon after sharing.

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The rapper even beheaded a model version of the Saturday Night Live comic in the music video for his song “Eazy.” In the same song, he threatened to “beat Pete Davidson’s ass.”

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Cudi eventually got caught up in the crossfire when Kanye sensationally announced that he would be cutting his friend’s feature on his upcoming album Donda 2.

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Kanye said Cudi will no longer be on the record because he’s “friends you know who”.

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Cudi hit back by calling Kanye a “damn dinosaur” and claiming he didn’t want to be on the album after all. The star added: “Everyone knows I’ve been the best of your albums since meeting you. I pray for your brother.”

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On Twitter, he accused Kanye of “posting this lie to look on the internet” and said the rapper is “not a friend”.

Kanye responded by sharing a black-and-white photo of himself, Cudi, Pete and actor Timothee Chalamet eating dinner together in 2019 — with a large red cross across Pete’s face.

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Kanye suggested he felt betrayed by Cudi when he captioned the post: “I just wanted my boyfriend to be behind me. The knife just goes deeper.”

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In April, there was speculation that the issue had been resolved after it was revealed that Cudi would be performing alongside Kanye on Pusha T’s song “Rock N Roll”, but Cudi was keen to clarify that this was recorded before the feud.

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He tweeted at the time: “Hey! So I know some of you have heard about the song I got from Pusha. I did this song a year ago when I was cool with Kanye. I’m not cool with that guy. He’s not my boyfriend and I just erased the number for Pusha because that’s my husband. This is the last song you’ll hear me on w Kanye.”

Three months later, Cudi was pelted with a water bottle while headlining Rolling Loud in Miami. After being punched, Cudi threatened to leave the stage if it happened again – only for another bottle to be launched at him.
Kanye mocked the incident earlier this month when he targeted Cudi when he marked Kim and Pete’s breakup by sharing a Photoshopped image of a New York Times cover emblazoned with the words, “SKETE DAVIDSON DEAD AT AGE 28. “
Under the headline it read: “Kid Cudi Wanted To Play Funeral But Was Afraid Of Bottle Throwers.”
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Now, just weeks later, Cudi has decided to be candid about the fallout from him and Kanye in an interview with Esquire, where he admitted it took a “mom fuck” to get back on good terms.
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Despite initially refusing to comment on the situation in the piece, the rapper called out Kanye for using his “power” to “fuck” him.
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“You know what it feels like to wake up one day, look at your social media, and you’re trending because someone is talking crap about you?” he started. “And then you have this person’s trolls who message you on Instagram and Twitter? Everything in your comments? That shit annoyed me.”
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“That he had the power to fuck me that week. That he used his power to fuck me. That pissed me off,” Cudi continued. “You’re messing with my sanity now, bro.”
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Now 38, Cudi added that he’s grown into “zero tolerance for the wrong energies” and reflected on watching “so many people over the years” who were close to Kanye “be burned by him doing some fucking shit.” before he forgave him without any consequences.
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“He does it over and over,” Cudi claimed, then addressed Kanye directly as he said, “I’m not one of your kids. I’m not Kim. It doesn’t matter if I’m friends with Pete or not with Piet. None of this shit had anything to do with me.”
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Cudi appealed to Kanye for his reaction to his divorce, adding: “If you can’t be a grown man and deal with the fact that you lost your wife? That’s not my damn problem. You have to confess your own shit, like every man in this life has. I’ve lost women too. And I had to admit it. I don’t need that in my life. I do not need it.”
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Cudi was also keen to set the record straight after seeing people credit Kanye for his success, clarifying that Kanye wanted him to play on one of his songs before signing with G.O.O.D. Cudi repeated: “Kanye West didn’t come and pick me up from Applebee’s or the Bape store.”
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And while discussing whether their friendship could ever recover from Kanye’s behavior this year, Cudi said: “With all due respect, I’m not Drake, who is going to have a picture with him next week and be friends again, and their flesh is squashed. I’m not that. What I say, I mean. I’ll be done with you.”
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“It will take a damn miracle for me and that man to be friends again,” he added. “I don’t see it happening. He will have to become a monk.”
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But despite everything, Cudi still has love for his former boyfriend. “The crazy thing is I love him, but I love you so much that I can fucking kick you out of my life and be done with your ass,” he said. “Because you’re no good to me.”
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