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One of the most common questions we often face is: Which is better — frame or pole tent?

You might think what difference does it make. But, trust us, it does. In fact, there are a lot of crucial differences between pole tents and arch tent frames. Whether you’re planning a wedding reception or a party, or you’re looking for a peak tent to participate in a trade fair, or seeking a single pole tent or a 2 pole tent to add to your rental business’ stock, understanding these differences is important when it comes time to making a decision.

In this blog, we’ll tell you about these differentiating factors.

Arch tent frames:

An arch frame tent is a temporary, mobile, lightweight shading solution that is perfect for a lot of different purposes from camping to organizing large events. Super-sturdy and strong, the tents can resist high winds speeds. If you can anchor them correctly, they can stand upright easily. They also give you unobstructed views from within unlike pole tents or peak tents.

Setting up the frame tents is also relatively easier. Firstly, you don’t need to use the traditional staked-down guy ropes, and secondly, you can set it up alone on nearly any surface. Durable, versatile, and elegant you can custom print the tent and combine them with fashion-forward sidewalls too.

  • Structure: As already mentioned, the frame tents don’t have any center poles for support. Instead, the arch tent frames depend on load-bearing vertical poles around the perimeter of the tent. The “frames” or “poles” then act as the tent’s support system. Once you assemble the tents properly, they offer you a stylish, sturdy and a reliable structure for shelter.
  • Appearance: Frame tents are excellent options for both business trade shows and special events like wedding receptions or graduation parties or beer parties. You might feel that frame tents lack a dramatic exterior but the open interior space and sightlines make them special. Plus, the tents can be customized to make them pretty.
  • Space usage: The arch frame tents let you maximize the amount of usable interior space because they do not rely on the surface beneath them for support. Moreover, the frame tents allow you to have a completely custom floor. Whether you’re throwing a wedding reception and need to install a mobile dance floor in the center, or you would like to furnish the space with a beautiful faux-wood design, frame tents provide you with unobstructed space.
  • Installation: Frame tents are quite easy to set up and you can do it alone too. But our advice is to have a few friends around you who can help you install the tent. The first step to assemble the tent is to lay out all the poles and fittings and begin assembling, starting with the center crown. Make sure that you put down a drop cloth first so that your tent canopy stays clean, dry, and protected.

Pole tent

Pole tents are simple, elegant, and can be customized with a variety of sidewalls and are one of the most popular types of tents. They can come in various different shapes and sizes like a single pole tent or a 2 pole tent.

  • Structure: The hallmark feature of center pole or a single pole tents is one pole serves as the structure’s primary support at the center. If you have a large structure, then you might several of these poles to support the tent. Most pole tents require vertical staking for stability. Without the additional anchoring, the poles alone won’t be able to safely bear the weight of the canopy.
  • Appearance: Pole tents tend to have an appearance of peak tents because of the center pole, making them a good choice for formal events, such as parties or wedding receptions. You can decorate the poles with warm white string lights, cover them in flowers, or find other creative ways to embellish the poles of your party tent.
  • Installation: One of the advantages of center pole tents is they are easy to erect. It is advisable that you take the help of a few friends and follow the directions in the manual to set up the tent.
  • Stability: The stability of a pole tent depends on how securely it is staked into the ground. You might need dry ground that will hold anchors firmly. Pole tents generally don’t work on concrete or paved surfaces. We also advise you to check for any underground electric, gas, oil, steam, telephone, CATV, water, and sewer lines and cables before staking the tent.


Now that you understand the key differences between star pole tents and arch tent frames, our suggestion is to buy one that will suit your purpose. But you must always opt for tent that is manufactured with the highest quality materials. You should also invest in a good drop cloth. It will ensure that your tent canopy is well protected during set up and take down.