Joe Biden’s ‘open door’ to the United States: his administration has welcomed 500,000 LEGAL migrants into the U.S. over the past two years, staggering new statistics reveal

Joe Biden’s ‘open door’ to the United States: His administration has welcomed 500,000 LEGAL migrants to the US in the past two years, revealing staggering new statistics

  • The Biden administration has ramped up the number of migrants entering the US legally since taking office.
  • Official data, first obtained by CBS News, shows that legal migration is at its highest level since the 1990s.
  • Emergency powers were used to establish legal routes into the United States and deter people from sneaking across the border.

Joe Biden has allowed more than half a million migrants into the US legally since taking office, the highest number since the 1990s, according to unpublished data first obtained by CBS News.

The president’s administration has welcomed more than 500,000 foreign nationals in the past two years under programs designed to reduce the number of illegal immigrants trying to sneak across the border into Mexico.

CBS News reported that the surge in legal arrivals came after U.S. officials took advantage of what’s known as “parole” to allow foreigners to come to America without a visa.

It grants emergency powers to the U.S. government to bypass immigration red tape.

The data, first dug up by CBS News, shows the largest increase in legal migration since the 1990s.

Republican critics are angry at the sheer numbers that have come in, but also at how the changes have been implemented without Congressional approval.

For example, the probation authority helped more than 160,000 refugees fleeing Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine quickly enter the United States, some of whom were sponsored by US citizens.

The powers were also used to let in 169,000 Latin American and Caribbean migrants, 133,000 asylum seekers seeking an immigration interview in Mexico and 77,000 Afghans airlifted after Biden withdrew US troops from the country.

Most newcomers to the United States require a visa or approved refugee status.

But a 1952 piece of legislation allows the government to waive those rules for those who have an “urgent humanitarian” cause or will provide a “significant public benefit” to American society.

It means they can live in the US legally without having to go through cumbersome immigration procedures.

A similar move was taken under the Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush administrations to welcome people fleeing persecution in the Cold War communist dictatorship.

The Biden administration has created a new app to make it easier for people to apply for legal asylum

The Biden administration has created a new app to make it easier for people to apply for legal asylum

Last October, Joe Biden’s administration created a mobile app for migrants in Mexico, CBP One, that allowed them to apply for legal entry into the country.

In a lawsuit over the easing of restrictions on Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans with U.S. sponsors, Republican-led states branded the plan an “illegal program” that places a financial burden on U.S. communities because of the costs of social and medical services.

“Under the false pretense of preventing aliens from unlawfully crossing the border between ports of entry, the Department of Homeland Security has in fact established a new visa program — without the formalities of Congressional legislation,” the states argued.

Biden has also come under fire from the GOP for his refusal to extend a Trump-era Covid dictate that made it easier to boot illegals.

Title 42, taken from a nearly 80-year-old public health law, meant that US authorities could deport foreign nationals without processing their asylum applications.

Illegal immigration at the southern border has fallen to its lowest level since President Biden took office.

Customs and border officials say there were fewer than 145,000 encounters with unauthorized migrants along the border with Mexico in June.

That is less than the more than 200,000 per month at the beginning of this year.

But it is believed there are still at least 100,000 migrants waiting at the border hoping to enter the US

Homeland Security officials went on a victory lap, acknowledging new policies that they say have enticed some unauthorized migrants to enter through official border crossings, while deterring others from entering at all.

“CBP’s mission is enormous, and through the dedication of our staff and federal partners, we are delivering results that keep the American people safe,” said Troy Miller, acting CBP commissioner.