JFK Jr almost killed his ex-girlfriend in a horrific kayaking accident

John F. Kennedy Jr. almost killed his first serious girlfriend 13 years before crashing the flight that killed him and his wife Carolyn Bessette, a new book reveals.

‘Don’t Ask: The Kennedys and the Women They Destroyed’by columnist and author Maureen Callahan of DailyMail.com, tells how JFK Jr. had a habit of endangering others.

‘He had a death wish – not just for himself, but for the women in his life. He had more near misses in his teens and twenties than the public knew,” Callahan wrote. ‘Speeding, swimming too far out into the ocean, driving recklessly onto sidewalks or riding high, skiing in whiteout conditions.’

RFK Jr. and Christina Haag pictured at an event in New York City in 1986.

JFK Jr poses topless on the beach at Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, 1979.

JFK Jr poses topless on the beach at Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, 1979.

He also almost “killed” his first serious girlfriend, Christina Haag, “more than once,” Callahan says.

In 1986, the couple was vacationing in Jamaica when JFK Jr. insisted that the couple would go kayaking on the open sea without life jackets.

“Nothing to be afraid of,” he allegedly told Christina.

However, the couple soon found themselves helpless as the strong current pushed them towards a giant boulder. If a rogue wave hadn’t carried them over and to safety at the last moment, they would have died.

After crash-landing on a beach, JFK Jr. β€œin a trance,” Callahan says β€” adding that Christina later wrote that β€œdying, getting so close, seemed like a high point for him.”

Christina later said that what was strange was the look in his eyes. It was like he was excited. Dying, coming so close, seemed like a highlight to him.’

Despite her refusal to get back in the kayak β€” and the kind offer from a group of local fishermen to take them to the mainland the next morning β€” John again insisted and said they would kayak back that evening, Callahan reveals.

But on this trip, conditions were even worse, with the pair quickly finding themselves ’15 feet underwater’.

Years later, Christina reportedly still couldn’t remember how they survived.