Jeremy Renner admits he felt ‘a little dicey’ returning to Mayor of Kingstown following ‘near-death experience’ as he gives health update after horrific snowplow accident

Jeremy Renner has admitted he felt “a little bit tough strength-wise” when he returned to work earlier this year after a horrific snowplow accident on January 1, 2023, which almost killed him.

The 53-year-old actor spent a lot of time recovering from the “near-death experience,” which saw him hospitalized after blunt chest trauma and 30 broken bones, and has since returned to work filming season 3 of the Paramount+ series to film. Mayor of Kingstown.

Jeremy appeared on Good Morning America on Wednesday and said, β€œI’m feeling pretty good. I feel pretty strong. Starting the season this year at the beginning of the year was a little bit tough strength-wise, but by the end you’re usually pretty wiped out energy-wise, but I feel pretty strong.”

When GMA host George Stephanopoulos asked him if it was “endurance or strength,” Jeremy replied, “It’s both.” Like the endurance wasn’t very good, but I’m better on both sides now. I feel very, very strong and very, very happy.”

Speaking about returning to work, the actor explained: ‘I had to cross the threshold of ‘do I want to tell fictional stories?’ I worry about real life, putting one foot in front of the other to walk, right? So once I got through that… the production was really great.

Jeremy Renner has given fans a health update following his terrifying snowplow accident

The Hollywood actor was hospitalized on New Year's Day 2023 after suffering blunt chest trauma and thirty broken bones

The Hollywood actor was hospitalized on New Year’s Day 2023 after suffering blunt chest trauma and thirty broken bones

β€œI had to lean on the cast and crew physically and emotionally to get through the days. They compensated with planning and stuff so I could get stronger.

β€œI think what happened was we just changed our minds about the whole thing. β€œI didn’t go to Pittsburgh to film Mayor of Kingstown, I went there for my recovery and Kingstown was kind of on the sidelines,” the father of one added.

The Captain America: Civil War actor also confirmed that he is working on a book in which he will talk about the accident, which took place at his home in Reno, Nevada.

‘It’s a very healing thing [and] cathartic for me, things that I have to unpack during the near-death experience, and life and death, and everything about recovery and things that I learned through that process,” he said of his upcoming memoir.

β€œEvery time I’ve talked to people about it, I always learn something different. So I’m putting it all together in a book and hopefully I’ll finish it this year.’

The actor has also started running again and revealed that when it comes to exercising again, “it’s just about setting intentions and setting goals.”

‘Trying to sprint like that is just agility. Exercise is very important to me in my life,” he told George, Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan.

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Jeremy admitted that he was “treated like a child actor” when he returned to the set of Mayor of Kingstown.