Jason Whitlock calls Sheryl Swoopes a ‘dumb jock’ for her criticism of Caitlin Clark… and claims that the WNBA’s ‘super-strong, angry lesbian culture’ is going to destroy the Iowa star’s career

  • Swoopes hit back at claims of racism, saying: ‘Black people can’t be racist’
  • Whitlock criticized her for that stance, saying she “suffers from idolatry”
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Conservative pundit Jason Whitlock has taken aim at Basketball Hall-of-Famer Sheryl Swoopes – clarifying some critical beliefs she held for Iowa women’s basketball star Caitlin Clark.

In February, Swoopes made some generalizations about Clark that turned out to be incorrect before the Iowa star broke the NCAA scoring record for women’s basketball.

Swoopes tried to argue that Clark’s success wasn’t legitimate, saying she was a 25-year-old player in her fifth year and that she takes “about 40 shots a game.” In reality, Clark is a 22-year-old fourth-year senior who averages 22.6 shots per game.

Those comments sparked backlash — with some accusing Swoopes of racism. In explaining her criticism of ex-NBA star Gilbert Arenas’ YouTube show, the four-time WNBA champion claimed that “black people can’t be racist.”

Whitlock pounced on those comments, calling Swoopes a “stupid jock” before showing his viewers on The Blaze her comments.

Conservative pundit Jason Whitlock went after Sheryl Swoops after she tried to clarify comments she made last month about Iowa women’s basketball player Caitlin Clark

Swoopes, who was accused of racism by Clark fans, said: 'Black people can't be racist'

Swoopes, who was accused of racism by Clark fans, said: ‘Black people can’t be racist’

In the segment from Arenas’ show, Swoopes said what Clark has done for women’s basketball “was amazing” and called her “the greatest college shooter I’ve ever seen.”

But she also believes people shouldn’t place high expectations on Clark or any other WNBA-bound player.

Swoopes said, “If you put these expectations on these young women in college to get to the next level and be dominant immediately, and when that doesn’t happen, people come back and say, ‘Oh, she was a failure, she was a flop, she wasn’t that good.” Like, let them do what they do in college, enjoy what they do in college and let them become stars in the WNBA.”

That clarification appears to stem from a prediction she made around the time she made her “40 shots a game” comment: “Will Caitlin Clark be a good professional? Absolute. Will Caitlin Clark come to the WNBA and immediately do what she’s doing now? Absolutely not. Not going to happen.’

Whitlock claimed that Swoopes moved goalposts and tried to make it seem like her words weren’t as harsh as they were.

“That super strong, angry lesbian culture is going to destroy Caitlin Clark when she gets to the WNBA,” Whitlock said — even going so far as to suggest that the league’s players “plan to destroy her” when she gets there.

Instead of specifically criticizing Swoopes’ points about Clark, Whitlock decided to brush aside the Hall-of-Famer’s defense that “black people can’t be racist.”

“Swoops suffers from idolatry,” Whitlock said. ‘She has turned her skin color into an idol. That’s why in that podcast interview she’s wearing a t-shirt that says “I AM BLACK HISTORY.”

Clark passed Pete Maravich to become the all-time leading scorer in college basketball on Sunday

Clark passed Pete Maravich to become the all-time leading scorer in college basketball on Sunday

‘Race is her idol. No different than the white KKK members who have made their skin their idol.’

He ended his rant about Swoopes saying, “So what if she said a bunch of ridiculous things about Caitlin Clark, Swoopes is a black queen making history! She is above responsibility! She owes no apology! .

“She is free to adopt the attitudes, behaviors, and excuses of white bigots because her bigotry is unimportant and/or justified! Her ancestors were abused, she has earned the privilege to abuse others! Like many dumb jocks, she is immersed in the worship of black matriarchy.”

On Sunday, Clark passed Pete Maravich to become the all-time scoring leader for college basketball.