Jason Kelce hilariously hints at Travis speaking his Taylor Swift romance into existence: ‘Stuff happens when it goes out on New Heights’

Jason Kelce made a not-so-subtle hint at his younger brother, Travis Kelce, and the Chiefs star’s romance with Taylor Swift at the end of this week’s episode of their “New Heights” podcast.

During part of their interview with new Philadelphia Eagle Saquon Barkley, the running back talked about wanting to be the next Apollo Creed, one of the main characters from the “Rocky” movie franchise.

Jason Kelce then told Barkley to “throw it out there” because “stuff happens when things break up at New Heights.”

The hint referenced was Travis gushing over Swift during an episode over the summer after attending ‘The Eras Tour’ in Kansas City. The younger Kelce wanted to meet Swift at the show and even went so far as to make her a friendship bracelet, common among Swift’s fans, with his number on it.

Although the meeting did not originally take place at one of Swift’s concerts, Swift later said that his shoutout to her on “New Heights” caught her attention and sparked their romance.

Kelce commented on his brother’s relationship at the end of this week’s “New Heights” episode

Swift and Kelce have been publicly dating since September, when she attended a Chiefs game

Swift and Kelce have been publicly dating since September, when she attended a Chiefs game

“Acting is hard, but I think about it like this: Why can’t I be the big guy who fights? It can’t be that hard. You know what I mean?’ Barley said. ‘Just fight a bit, get punched in the face, lose and then you make money from it. I’m not trying to be Leo (DiCaprio).”

“So you’re trying to be the next Creed?” Travis said.

‘Why not? Let’s make a story. I’m coming to Philadelphia,” Barkley replied.

“Seriously, you just throw it out there,” Jason Kelce added. “Things happen when things break up in New Heights. Speak it into existence.”

“Just go to the Philadelphia museum and start running and punching the air,” Travis interjected.

“Dude, Philadelphia would go crazy,” Jason concluded.

Kelce and Swift have since attended each other's concerts and games

Kelce and Swift have since attended each other’s concerts and games

Travis’ reference to the Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of the most famous scenes in the “Rocky” franchise.

Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone, trains for his title fight against Creed by running through the streets of Philadelphia before climbing the multiple flights of stairs in front of the museum, now called the “Rocky Steps.”

In terms of Travis’ manifestation, his relationship with Swift has gained massive mainstream attention and skyrocketed his celebrity profile.

Kelce appeared at her concerts in Argentina, Australia and Singapore, while Swift attended 13 Chiefs games last season, including all four playoff wins in Kansas City.

Swift traveled from a Tokyo stop on ‘The Eras Tour’ to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl in less than 24 hours.