Jason Day asked to remove garish sweater by Augusta officials

Jason Day has revealed he was asked by Augusta National officials to take off a flashy jersey before the second round of the Masters.

Day returned Friday morning to complete a delayed first round. He wore a sleeveless top with the words of the fictional “Malbon Golf Championship”. Day, formerly a Nike athlete, signed an apparel deal with Malbon at the beginning of this year.

By the time Day reappeared in the second round, the boisterous jumper was gone. This led to speculation about the possible implementation of Augusta National’s famously strict policy. The Australian has now confirmed that he acted under an edict.

“They asked me to take it off,” Day said after completing his third round. “With respect, you do that because it’s all about the tournament here, and I understand that. I respect the tournament. That’s what we have to do here: try to play and win the Green Jacket. They said, ‘Can you take it off?’ I said, ‘Yes, don’t worry.’

“It came from Augusta National. I don’t know if it was a green jacket. I don’t know who it was. They asked and I respectfully declined.”

Day insisted he wasn’t trying to make any point with the offensive clothing item. “I wasn’t trying to do anything,” the former world No. 1 added. “She [Malbon] just wrote me in and I wore it. They send you the script and say, this is what we want you to wear on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and I’m like, okay.

In one of the more bizarre media interviews of this important era, Day was also pressed for wearing baggy pants. These were similar to fishing waders. “Tiger had bigger stuff on in the early 2000s,” Day says. “He did pretty well. I think it’s good.”

Augusta National has been contacted for comment.