Inventive tourist uses VERY sneaky hack to dodge Ryanair luggage prices

Inventive tourist uses a VERY sneaky hack to evade Ryanair’s baggage fees

A pair of German tourists touring Europe have unveiled a creative way to get out of Ryanair’s often expensive baggage fees – and enjoy a comfortable flight at the same time.

TikTokers Madeleine and Sophia, who post as @roadbunnies and describing themselves as ‘Just 2 girls, doing road trips with a red Skoda Fabia’, shared a clip on the social media site of them using a pillowcase as a makeshift suitcase.

The Irish airline charges for hand luggage larger than a small bag, meaning the low-cost airline’s “cheap fares” can quickly add up – with passengers often devising inventive ways to avoid paying.

The TikTok clip, which has now had nearly 8.8 million viewers, shows one of the road bunnies wearing a comfortable-looking pillowcase at the airport.

But at the end of the clip — with the words “Nobody’s gonna know” and “They’re gonna know” in the background — the traveler reveals that she actually put clothes in the pillowcase.

In a hotel room, she is filmed taking her stash of clothes out of the pillowcase.

A caption’When you booked flights with Ryanair’ runs across the video… and added the @roadbunnies in a ‘thank us later” and a fire emoji.

A makeshift suitcase: The traveler opens the pillowcase to reveal a stash of clothes

Safe in the hotel room, one half of @roadbunnies shows how the trick works

Safe in the hotel room, one half of @roadbunnies shows how the trick works

A nervous @roadbunnies then asked, “Are we still friends?”

However, Ryanair’s TikTok team apparently noticed the hack and posted a cryptic message: “Bestie PLEASEEEE what is this?”

Others shared their hacks, with one saying she puts her luggage in a Duty Free bag because airport purchases are never questioned by staff.

Budget travelers have long been inventive in trying to get around baggage fees, including wearing several layers to get on board without carrying an extra bag.