Insane price of grocery haul from Woolworths sums up cost-of-living crisis: ‘Sad times’

A man has revealed the shockingly small amount of groceries he paid almost $400 for as many Australians struggle to make ends meet amid the cost of living.

A video of the man showing off his small groceries was shared on social media platform X on Monday, with hundreds of Australians shocked by the bill.

A quick scan of the man’s cart shows that his store was mainly limited to a few meat products, fruits, vegetables and drinks.

“It’s also one of the smaller carts,” the man said as he showed his cart.

“I’ve got some bacon, there was a baby food (can) in there – that was $30, there’s a couple of packs of sausages with it. This cost me almost $400.”

An Australian revealed the small groceries he paid almost $400 for (photo, his receipt)

He then held up his receipt and showed his store cost a whopping $384.63.

More than 400 people commented on the video calling on the Reserve Bank of Australia to reduce skyrocketing inflation.

‘Imagine you have a pension with $1,096 a fortnight and you have to pay rent, electricity and food. Many Aussies are just a paycheck away from homelessness,” said one.

‘I said this to my family the other day. The small trolley cost me $300 – a few years pre-Covid a large, full trolley would have cost $200 to $250,” wrote another.

Another said: ‘Twenty years ago it took an adult to carry fifty dollars worth of groceries, now a five year old can do that too.’

‘Also a lot of house brand stuff. Sad times,” a fourth person commented.

In September, a report from Canstar Blue found that the average Australian household spends $176 a week on groceries, while more Australians tightened their budgets to accommodate higher energy bills.

It also found that the increase in costs changed customers’ priorities and made them more concerned about the cost of convenience – a complete turnaround from just a few years ago.

Of the 3,000 participants, many shoppers said they have also started sticking to a shopping list and only buy name brands when they are on sale.

The video comes after Australians were outraged by the skyrocketing cost of a simple cheese and croissant sold in a Melbourne cafe.

Disappointed customer snapped a ham and cheese croissant at a Melbourne cafe for a whopping $14 (pictured)

Disappointed customer snapped a ham and cheese croissant at a Melbourne cafe for a whopping $14 (pictured)

A photo was uploaded to social media platform X showing the breakfast item on sale for $14.

‘Is this right?’ read the caption.

Social media users were furious, with many accusing the cafe of price gouging and branding it ‘absolutely outrageous’.

‘Not normal, I paid $10.90 yesterday for a ham and cheese croissant with strong coffee. This place is a mess,” one person wrote.

‘Even if they use quality croissants and quality free-range ham, it is very expensive. It should be about $10,” another added.