I’m the other woman – this is what I really think when I’m with your husband

Women who have had affairs reveal what they were really thinking while sleeping with someone else’s husband – and the bitter truth has left thousands stunned.

An Australian woman was recently cheated on and wanted to find out how the ‘other woman’ in a similar situation felt – so she took to an online forum to ask for their side of the story.

‘I have felt a mutual attraction with men who I later discovered were married. Knowing that a man is married is an instant brick wall. I cannot be the source of anyone’s misery. I wonder how some women can do that. Is it coincidental or intentional?’ She said.

Many revealed they knowingly dated married men ‘because they could’ – with some confessing they had no regrets.

Others claim they were involved in the situation and had no idea their partner was lying to them.

Women who’ve had affairs reveal what they were really thinking (stock image)

The Australian woman’s Facebook post received hundreds of comments.

“For those who knew the man was attached but kept seeing, I would really like to understand and gain some perspective. Were you scammed? Did it work? Was there any regret? Do women seek married men and why?’ she asked.

Several claimed that cheating did not upset them at all; one of them said it had been going on for five years.

“I’m the other woman,” one person admitted. ‘I don’t care if people want to be harsh, I’ve heard it all before. We knew each other before it started. I knew he had a wife. There are no feelings involved, especially on my end, I don’t want a relationship with him.

‘It’s not exclusive, he knows I sleep with other people. It’s been five years and we still talk every day. He usually comes to my house, we go out and do things together. We went on holiday together! It works because we have no obligations.’

‘I’ve slept with guys who had partners. To be honest, I didn’t really care and it was just sex. It would never go any further,” said another.

‘I was the other woman for two and a half years. We are in Australia and his wife lives in Malaysia. I personally don’t believe in marriage and never have. We weren’t supposed to be monogamous,” said a third.

Some revealed that they did it for closure or because the attraction was too strong.

“We were friends with benefits before he met her. I felt terrible and still do. I’m strangely attracted to him, but I want a real relationship. Knowing and doing is never a good thing, but we are human beings with emotions that get the better of us,” said one.

She added: “I’m not sorry, it was a life experience. I needed closure. Just like in the past, I was the one who was cheated on, so I guess I got to experience the other side! I do not regret it.’

One woman shared the real reason she kept going back.

‘I didn’t know he had a girlfriend at first, and when I met her at a mutual friend’s wedding, she said he had proposed! I was shocked, why didn’t he tell me? Why wasn’t he honest? There were no feelings, it was all just fun, so why not be honest?

‘Why did I keep going back? I liked the attention, I liked to feel special, even if I fooled myself, I liked being wanted.

‘It ended when she found out and I realized how awful it all was. I will never despise myself enough to ever be another woman again.”