I’m really dreading Helldivers 2’s new fight against the Terminid threat

I regret to inform you that, despite the best efforts of Helldivers around the world, the Terminid threat is back and worse than ever. I’m starting to think that maybe the Super Earth Command doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing – but of course I would never dwell on such undemocratic thoughts.

Hell divers 2 tells a fascinating story of endless war through his Order System. Every time I log in I’m greeted with a number of missions to do. The Personal Order is always a simple task, like killing some Chargers, or getting out of a mission with a few good monsters with me. The Major Order, however, takes place over the course of a few days. Each Major Order asks all Helldivers to work together towards a common goal. For example, one Major Order was to activate a chemical called Termicide on a number of Terminid planets. We were confident that this safe, soothing chemical would solve our insect problem.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been caught up in Automatons. Nearly every Major Order lately has been focused on those damn bots, with only a few exceptions: there was one defense on two fronts against both factions, and one glorious Major Order to slay two billion bugs. But the vast majority of my recent playtime has been spent on the front lines with my friends fighting the robot menace. We fought to eradicate the Automatons, even briefly removing them from the galactic map as a threat before they returned with terrifying new tools like battleships. In the last Major Order we had to maintain a defense line against both Automaton factions, and we barely succeeded.

Now we have a new batch of orders from Super Earth, and it turns out the Termicide thing may have backfired. For example, Did you know that Stalkers are now completely invisible? That’s a mutation I don’t care about, and I’d rather they stop this monkey business immediately. As the new Super Earth broadcast reads: “The Terminid control system has failed. Meridia has turned into a super colony. Termicide can cause faster reproduction. The TCS must be shut down immediately.”

Now there’s a new mission type called Deactivate, which will see players clearing out the huge, sticky nests that have formed around the towers of the Terminid Control System. We’ve seen Terminids evolve in the past, such as when new flying insects emerged (which were briefly denied completely by Super Earth command.) After the Automaton debacle, players expect new and annoying bugs to appear.

Arrowhead Games has done an impressive job with their story, balancing the game’s wacky humor with compelling objectives. I report for duty and pray we don’t see any new bad guys emerge. The gunships are bad enough; I tremble and shudder to think of what new Terminid enemies might join the fray.