I’m an American living in London – these things Brits do give me the ick

It’s normal to struggle with cultural differences when you go abroad for a few days, but one American was unimpressed by the British after moving permanently to London.

TikToker @kjordyyywho describes himself as ‘just a wank among the British’, told his 121,000 fans his ‘icks about the British’.

He started the video with: “I noticed that most British people don’t say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.”

Its other negatives included its British sense of humor and poor customer service.

The video, which has since been viewed 56,000 times, has divided viewers; many said the American expat had ‘been to London alone’ and invited the TikToker to ‘come to Yorkshire’ to observe the difference.

TikToker @kjordyyy, who describes himself as ‘just a jerk among the Brits’, told his 121,000 fans the ‘icks about the Brits’ in a recent video

Someone commented: ‘Where I live (not in London), people always say please and thank you’.

Aware that he would be offended, he said, “I’m not saying them all, but I’m just speaking from experience.”

He cited a scenario where the door was held open, claiming that the British “wouldn’t even say thank you” for the gesture and “look at me like it was my job.”

We’re a country known for our dry sense of humor – but this was yet another complaint from the TikTok personality – whose video has attracted just under 3,000 comments.

He commented: ‘I’m sorry, but sir, I just don’t understand British humour. Maybe it’s just me, but someone says something very sarcastic and people burst out laughing.

“And in my mind I’m thinking, bro, how is that funny? On the other hand, many of my British friends tell me that American humor is too obvious.

“But isn’t that the point of a joke?”

Another point of contention is customer service in Britain.

The content creator commented, “The customer service here is a loot, but I feel like because they’re not getting tips, they have no motivation to provide great service.

“There are so many times when I go to a place and they say, ‘What do you want?’ Just like that. And that’s just the norm.’

But he didn’t stop there. He was fed up with the incessant political teasing from the British, with many asking him: ‘What do you think of Trump? Or about Joe Biden?’

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Many noted that the American expat had

Many noted that the American expat had “only been to London” and invited the TikToker to “come to Yorkshire” to observe the difference. Another echoed the above sentiment: ‘Where I live (not London) people always say please and thank you’

The TikToker was not happy and said that his compatriots would consider this curiosity a clear invasion of privacy.

He said, ‘I’m like brother, like At home some people will be p***** if you ask who you voted for.’

This comes after another American TikToker posted about her doubts as an American expat who also lives in Britain.

Andrea Celeste from LA shared a video with her 186,000 followers as part of her series ‘Things that are socially acceptable in England that would confuse Americans’.

Andrea said directly to the camera, “You probably won’t see many people drinking a plain glass of milk in England, but in America people do this all the time with almost every meal, not just cookies.”