I’m a professional cleaner and these are the four ‘controversial’ things I’d never have in my home

A professional cleaner has revealed the four things she would never have in the house because keeping them clean can be a pain.

Simone Tsigolis who runs Jet lag remedy cleaning services in Sydney and the Central Coast said she would stay away from silicone toilet brushes, glass tables, matte black sinks and finger tiles.

The entrepreneur thought that silicone toilet brushes were useless and that finger tiles collected dust that were difficult to remove.

She said it was hard to get matte black sinks sparkling clean, and streaks and fingerprints on glass tables are “no fun.”

Simone’s hot takes divided fans as many particularly loved their silicone toilet brushes, while others thought she was “perfect.”

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Professional cleaner Simone Tsigolis has shared the top four things she’d never have around the house, including silicone toilet brushes because they’re ‘thin’ and ‘barely work’

Simone warned about Japanese finger tiles, also known as Kit-Kat tiles: “They just collect so much dust.  It's just really hard to clean, it hurts my soul'

Simone warned about Japanese finger tiles, also known as Kit-Kat tiles: “They just collect so much dust. It’s just really hard to clean, it hurts my soul’

“If you have any of these things it’s totally fine, it’s just my opinion,” Simone said in a TikTok video before listing her household no-goes.

First on Simone’s list are silicone toilet brushes that have become popular in Aussie households over the last 12 months.

“Who cares, they barely work. They’re thin, they break,” she said.

“As soon as I see one of these in someone’s bathroom, it brings tears to my eyes, knowing I have to try and clean a toilet with it.”

Second, Simone warned about Japanese finger tiles, also known as Kit-Kat tiles.

“They just collect so much dust and the dust sticks in the grooves of them whether you use a dry cloth or a wet cloth,” she explained.

Matte black sinks were a

Finally, she said streaks and fingerprints on glass tables mean they're

Simone said matte-clack sinks never come across as “glossy and sparkling,” while streaks and fingerprints are a constant on glass tables

“It’s just really hard to clean, it hurts my soul.”

While admitting they were “aesthetically pleasing,” Simone found matte black wash basins a “major dislike” for her.

“I know this one is going to get a little controversial… You can see every crumb, every piece, and everything else in between, you can see it all,” she said.

“Not being able to get it shiny and sparkling like you would with any other kitchen sink – heartbreaking.”

Four things pro cleaning lady Simone would have in the house

  1. Invisible drains – I find them so satisfying and easy to clean. They are easy to take apart and put back together and super easy to scrub.
  2. Hidden bins – Not only do I find this easy to clean, but I think it looks so much better when you don’t have a trash can and the smell isn’t wafting through the kitchen.
  3. Fridge storage -The satisfaction of cleaning the storage compartments and putting everything back; nothing compares.
  4. Wooden furniture – They’re super easy to clean, you can tell when they’re dirty and you won’t be bothered by fingerprints. They are timeless.

Source: jetlagremedy/TikTok

Finally, the cleaner said she would stay away from glass tables.

Again very aesthetically pleasing. The streaks, the fingerprints, it’s just not a fun time,” she said.

Simone’s video has been viewed a whopping 1.6 million times online and sparked a heated debate in the comments.

“Completely agree, I have a black sink and NEVER again, lesson learned,” one viewer wrote.

“We have a black sink and I agree, you can see all the crumbs. scrub the sink as usual, dry them completely, grease them with cooking oil,’ another agreed.

“I had the big glass table. Never again,” added a third.

“I really wanted to like silicone toilet brushes, but they just aren’t capable of cleaning a toilet!” someone else wrote.

However, not everyone was a fan of what Simone had to say and many said they love their silicone toilet brushes.

“My silicone toilet brush works great, I find normal brushes too big to get in properly,” said one woman.

“Silicone toilet brushes have been proven to be antimicrobial and more hygienic than a traditional toilet brush,” claimed another.

“I have one of those black sinks, it’s a bit more work, but if you rinse well and use some vinegar now and then, they look great!” added a third.