I’m a dating coach and here are 10 signs you have amazing chemistry with someone – and it can even come down to liking their smell

A dating coach has revealed the 10 signs you have great chemistry with someone – and some of them might surprise you.

Jacob Lucas is a British coach who suggests he has used his real-life methods to “help millions of people get the love life they’ve always wanted.”

He is the author of the Her Dating Coach guide and creator on TikTok, where he has more than 765,000 followers on his account, @jacoblucas101.

In a recent videoJacob revealed the secrets behind having chemistry with your partner, crush or person you’re dating – ranging from a sizzling first kiss to feeling comfortable with each other.

Jacob said it’s clear from the start whether or not you have great chemistry with someone.

Dating coach Jacob Lucas revealed 10 signs you have great chemistry with someone – and some of them might surprise you

Not surprisingly, he said it’s easy to tell if “the first kiss you had together felt incredible.”

His second tip was more unexpected: You and your partner could be a good match if you like their “natural scent.”

First dates can often be filled with awkward silences and pauses in conversation.

But in the long run, this can get in the way of sizzling chemistry, with sign number three being “you can talk to them for hours without getting bored” and another sign being “silence feels very comfortable and never awkward.”

You might think that having great chemistry with someone makes it difficult to sleep next to them, but Jacob says you should actually find that you “fall asleep very easily” when you’re next to them.

This is because being close to them should make you feel comfortable and safe.

Chemistry is also something you should be able to feel by analyzing your own feelings when you are with them.

Jacob said you and your partner have great chemistry if you 'love their natural scent'

While Jacob’s first tip — getting an “incredible” first kiss — was expected, his second was more surprising.

Jacob listed the following signals as “when you make eye contact, it feels very intense” and nothing like “you always feel a magnetic pull towards that person, no matter where you are.”

Sign eight is “you feel comfortable touching each other,” while number nine is “you find it very easy to flirt with each other.”

Concluding the video, he said that no matter how long you’ve known your partner, a sign that you both have good chemistry is that you “feel like you’ve known him or her forever.”

Viewers rushed to the comments to share their own experiences, with one joking: ‘And then he says he doesn’t want a relationship.’

Another added: ‘I feel like all ten of them happen every time I meet a man.’ A third was more positive, sharing that: ‘I have all ten with my fiancé.’