I really hope Google doesn’t promise 7 years of Android for the Pixel 8a

When Google and then Samsung promised major OS updates for the latest for seven years Pixel8 And Galaxy S24 families, I was left in pain. That’s longer than any other phone manufacturer; even longer than Apple, which quietly supports every iPhone with five years of iOS. Since then, I have been looking for potholes on the road for seven years. I started looking for off-ramps where Google or Samsung are not living up to their promise. That’s why I hope Google doesn’t promise seven years for the rumors Pixel 8a. It would just be too stressful for me.

Look, I don’t think Google can do it. I don’t think Google can support the Pixel 8a for seven years. I’m pretty sure there will be disclaimers and caveats for the Pixel 8 by the time we reach the finish line.